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This is what reddit's house would look like

this is what reddit's house would look like. the outside A while back a Redditor asked, "If money wasn't an issue, what would you make sure to have in your dream house?" After the Movoto bloggers laughed our way through the list, we pulled our favorite answers out to form one magnificent Internet-inspired dream house. I always wanted a house Tall Tower with tall tower. Ideally with glass dome on top, so you can see stars at night. The glass dome would be openable like the domes on telescopes. 15 Bananus_Magnus A room with a live f elephant -- that way we always have something to talk about. JJ apimonamedswitchback 'Beastly' Slide Elephant A faucet that dispenses chocolate milk. 15 6 There would be a GOATF"KER1337 secret door in the floor of my closet. Through it, there would be a slide. Like a beastly, 30-second-long slide. Choco Faucet It would deposit me into a room full of pillows where a projector played whatever I wanted on the ceiling. 15 - Savannahbobanna1 O reddit Creeper Painting יל with the eyes cut out so I can hide behind them like in Scooby Doo. 15 A painting in the hallway - teakwood54 Door That Goes Nowhere Intercoms that don't actually connect to anything. Right away, sirl CGA door that opens to a brick wall. I've always wanted that They just have a prere- corded .. voice that say, for no reason. - themooseiscool Fake Intercom Feb29thCakeDay 6E 'll never forget my friend saying he would cross horses and zebras and have them roam the grounds while he EE An entire wall (hell was shouting "Oh herro maybe ALL of the walls) made of ANT FARMS. ,5 herbra". - xindig0 - ricardoflanigano Herd of Herbras ...I want a see through bottom and underneath Indoor Pool the pool I want a live aquarium with sharks. 1, - City Light Seraphs Underground Lair, not sure if I want to be a super villain or hero but both require a lair. - infinitevalence Underground Lair designed by MOVOTO Megan Radich Sources: make sure/

This is what reddit's house would look like

shared by MovotoRealEstate on Mar 15
A popular Reddit thread asked, “If money wasn’t an issue, what would you make sure to have in your dream home?” Redditors say the darndest things so we pulled some of the best answers together t...






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