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What to post & when to post it on 9 important social networks

What Uhen TO POST on 9 important TO POST IT social networks TIPS WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW: • How to craft a successful post • When to post to see the most engagement How to interact with your audience • How many times you should be posting Add Links Status Update • Be sure to your link so you can measure your CTR from Facebook Offer something • Don't disclose all the details in one post • Positivity increases engagement & sharing STATUS O Images • Posts with images get the highest amount of engagement • Ideal image size is 800x600px O Be Mobile • Use simple imagery • Make R for any size screen LIKE - COMMENT - SHARE COMMENTS O Interact • Comment & respond • Post when audience is listening (not just when your business is oper) POSTING TIPS Make each post count - don't post what you had for breakfast • Offer something valuable or interesting to your audience • Top brands average 1 post per day Best Time Worst Time Amount Facebook 1pm-4pm 8pm-8am 10 posts/week Call-to-Action Punctuation • Make sure your readers know what you want them to do • Dont sacrifice grammar to fit 140 characters • Avoid abbreviations & all caps Add Links MESSAGE LINK • Shorten URLS • Dont let them take up space Images • Add an image or video to increase engagement Interact • Mentions prompt influencers to engage • Relevant content make posts more engaging POSTING TIPS Share content created by you or curated from other sources • You can share more here because of Twitter's fast-paced nature • Use questions, facts, & figures to engage viewers & increase retweets Best Time Worst Time Amount Twitter 1pm-3pm 8pm-9am 5 posts/day in Research & Analyze Status Update • Know your target audience • Tallor your post to audience • Be up to date, informative, & relevant • No more than 50 characters • Engage wilth your audience - ask questions • Measure engagement through comments, shares, likes, & clicks STATUS LINK Add Links • Provide a link to direct more people to your content • Be concise & to the point to draw peopie's attention LIKE - COMMENT - SHARE COMMENTS Interact With commenters Engage in conversation • Build relationships with your audience POSTING TIPS • Content should NOT dominate the feed • Share content relevant to your business & industry Best Time Worst Time Amount 7am-9am LinkedIn 10pm-6am 20 posts/month 5pm-6pm Trending Tepics Status Update • Stay involved with 'Hot Topics' to increase your brand's visibility Be up to date, informative, & relevant • Engage with your audlence - ask questions HOT # Hashtags STATUS HASHTAG • Add rekevant hashtags to increase your page's reach • Gt automatically adds hashtags for trendng topics ► Images • Using full-sized images wil help posts stand out on page +1 - SHARE COMMENTS Interact COMMUNITIES • Tag Brands & People so they will get a notification & potentially engage with post Communities • Extend comments into conversations • Find relevant communities & engage with them POSTING TIP • Posting more frequently on Google+ gives Google more content, keywords, & expertise to index in its search results pages Best Time Worst Time Amount Googler 2 posts/day 9am-11am 6pm-8am PIN IT LIKE IT A Images • Try to have no human faces • Dont let the background take up +40% of your image Color • Portrait images perform better than Tandscape • Lise dominant colors • Red & Orarge images get 2x the amount of repins • Saturation > black & white DESCRIPTION - COMMENTS Captions • Relevant photo captions grat peaple's attention •Indude questions Interact • Hashtags are unnecessary • Mentions prompt Influencers to engage • Relevant content make posts more engaging POSTING TIPS .... • Images without human faces get shared 23% more often than those with • Use dominant colors to get 3x the amount of likes and repins • Images with 50% color saturation get repined 4x more often than those with 100% and 10x more than black & white images Best Time Worst Time Amount Pinterest 2pm-4pm 8pm-1am 5pm-7pm No limit Images • Putting the subject in only 2/3 of the screen makes it more attractive to the eye • Use other apps to enhance your photos Caplions DESCRIPTION - COMMENTS • Relevant photo captions grab people's attention • Indude questions • HASHTAGS are important LIKE - COMMENT O Interact Be aware of hashtags if you want engagement Send notes to people who like/comment • Drive conversations, but dont be pushy POSTING TIPS • You should be posting more frequently • As you edit more, your feed will have a consistent look & feel • Use the right keywords to get your content found, & links back to your website Best Time Worst Time Amount Instagram 2pm-3pm Few posts/day None 9pm-8am Title TITLE • Be catchy • Inform viewers of the subject Uploads • Make your video searchable • Give it a catchy litle • Captions DESCRIPTION CALL-TO-ACTION • Indlude arry keywords here • Use this space to add links to your website/social media SHARE CATEGORY TAGS COMMENTS POSTING TIPS • Be sure your video is searchable • You don't have to post content as frequently as other social networks • Add a link to your website, product, service, or content you want them to view • Have a call-to-action so viewers know what to do next (after watching the video) Best Time Worst Time Amount You Tube 1pm-3pm 1 posts/week 3am-7am Captions DESCRIPTION • Hashtags get engagement • New sers search hashtags • Uploads • Make your video searchable • Give it a catchy title • Master infinity loap • You cant edit clips! FAVORITES - RETWEETS COMMENTS POSTING TIPS ... • Keep a steady hand & minimize the noise around you • Create your own style and portray it in 6 seconds to attract most views • A shaky camera can be annoying & make you lose the effect you want Best Time Worst Time Amount Vine Evenings Mornings No limit Posts POST TYPE • You've got 7 cptions • Choase the right one Interact NOTES REBLOG LIKES • Ersures visibility • Reblog & never steal posts COMMENTS • Remain aware of latest trends • Encourages athers to folow you POSTING TIPS • Pretty Tumblr means successful Tumblr • Utilize hashtags so your posts are searchable & easy to find • Know your Tumblr Speak: Be aware "I'M CRYING" may not mean upset Best Time Worst Time Amount Tumbbr 10pm 2 posts/week SOURCES a Lot of Likes on Vine hetp:/ BROUGHT hlps /bkog bulerapp. combuia meda requency guide TO YOU BY: hrip /www.sociallystacked com/2014/10 platiorm psychokogy-heres past-rfographic/ http:/ htmi http// to postslidesharepd Mainstreethost http:/ your-brand hetp:/www.forbes com/sites/jefbercovic/2014/05/02the-surprising data-behind-how-often-brands-should-post-on-instagram http://www.factcompany com/3029019/work-smartithe-sccial-media-frequency-guide-how-aften-to-post-to-facebook.twitter-irkedn-a http www pragermicrosystems rom/blog/social-medahow-ofter-businesses-should-past-on-social-media http:/blogs.constantcontact com/procuct-blogs/social-medis-marketinghow-after-post-social-mecla/utm.content-bufferissce&utmumediumrsocialsutmsourcerplus

What to post & when to post it on 9 important social networks

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Posting to one or two social platforms for your business can be tricky. When you’re attempting to have a presence on nine or more, however, it becomes exceedingly difficult and time-consuming. How c...


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