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What People Share On Social Networks – Statistics and Trends

What People Share On Social Networks What People Like To Share On Social Networks Pictures 43% Opinions 26% Status update of what and how they are doing 26% Links to articles 26% Personal recommendations of things they like 25% NEWS News items 22% Links to other websites 21% Links to other people's post 21% Status update of what they are feeling 19% Video clips 17% Plans for future activities, trips and plans 9% Most Popular Activities On Facebook, Twitter And Google+ Sharing photos is the most popular activity on Facebook and Google+. On Twitter, posting daily activity updates seems to be popular with most people. Facebook (Millions) (Millions) (Millions) Uploaded and shared photos 476.59 239.17 108.37 Posted comment 349.60 184.71 87.86 about daily activities Shared a link to an article 287.82 112.19 67.37 Shared videos created 259.86 93.31 54.64 by other users Twitter (Millions) (Millions) (Millions) Posted comment 140.86 94.15 51.63 about daily activities Uploaded and shared photos 171.75 96.24 55.23 Shared link 118.08 65.60 40.86 to blogs Shared a link to an article 39.10 109.15 61.26 Shared videos created 97.08 53.10 34.91 by other users 18* Google+ (Millions) (Millions) (Millions) Uploaded and shared photos 206.74 103.54 60.20 Shared link to blogs 136.42 66.88 39.25 Shared a link to an article 127.44 62.95 41.43 Posted comment 135.12 76.24 49.07 about daily activities Watched videos clips created by other K internet users 124.89 55.54 39.52 Why People Share Content Ön Social Networks Share information on products they like with a hope to change opinions or encourage action 49% Share to give people a better sense of who they are and what they care about 68% Share information because it helps them connect with others who 73% share their interests Share information online because it lets them stay connected to people they may not otherwise stay in touch with their interests 78% Share information because it allows 69% them to feel more involved in the world Share because it is a way to support causes or issues they care about 84% Most Shared Types Of Videos NEWS US residents are most likely to share news clips NEWS UK residents are most likely to share travel, news and education clips Indians are most likely to share film or movie trailers Indonesians are most likely to share fashion or style content Most Shared Emotions If we map the most shared articles across the web to an emotion, the most shared emotions will be as follows. Awe Laughter Amusement Joy 25% 17% 15% 14% Anger Empathy Surprise Sadness 6% 6% 2% 1% U.S. Snapshot In the US, users are most likely to get shared content that is.. Humorous Sporty Political 85.7% 61.0% 48.8% In the US, users are most likely to get shared content that is... Social Media Game scores Pornography XXX 7.3% 12.2% Facebook And Twitter Snapshot 4.75 billion billion items are shared each day on Facebook 66% f- of total social media sharing is from the Facebook iPhone app fál The number one life event reported by Facebook users is "adding a relationship" Average number of followers per twitter user is 208 Top 10 Live Events People Shared Most Frequently On Facebook In 2013 Added a relationship, got engaged or got married Traveled Moved Ended a relationship First met a friend Added a family member, 6. expecting a baby or had a baby Got a pet 8. Lost a loved one Got a piercing 10 Quit a habit Demographics of people who share on Social Networks Active Users (Sex) M/F 8* 57% 161% 163% 43% 39% 37% Active Users (Age) 8* 16-24 25% 28% 28% 25-34 31% 34% 33% 35-44 23% 23% 22% 45-54 13% ( 10% ( 11% 55-64 8% 5% ( 5% Countries Where People Share Most On Social Networks Turkey Mexico Brazil India Indonesia C* 93% 89% 88% 88% 88% South Africa Saudi Argentina China Russia Arabia 86% 86% 85% 79% 78% Compiled & designed by: GO-Gulf web design web applications identity seo Source links: lyzing-100-millions-articles-taught-us/?hvid=41eiUg cialToaster-Super-Fans-Barack-Obama-Influential-Social#.U4g2snZdB4U dia/set/?set-a.10151908376636729.1073741825.20531316728&type-1 er-is-a-young-woman-with-an-iphone-and-208-followers/

What People Share On Social Networks – Statistics and Trends

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heck out our infographic, “What People Share On Social Networks” to get the low down on what’s really going on out there, socially speaking!


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