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What Happens in a YouTube Minute

WHAT HAPPENS IN A You Tube MINUTE YouTube is the 3rd most trafficked website behind Google® and Facebook, with at least 2,777,777 videos being viewed in just a minute. What else happens in just 60 seconds? Every 60 seconds, 100 hours of video Content ID scans 400 years of video every day. That's 146,000 hours of video, every minute. are uploaded to YouTube. Millions At least 1,388 channel subscriptions happen every 60 seconds. of subscriptions happen daily. SUBSCRIPTIONS HOW MUCH MONEY DO THE MOST POPULAR CHANNELS MAKE? O #10 |#1 AnnoyingOrange Annual Earnings (1.9b views) Pewdiepie Annual Earnings (3.7b views) $3.4 million $6.46 / minute $7 million $13.31 / min #g9 #2 UberHaxorNova $3.5million $6.65 / minute $6.7 million $12.74 / min BlueXephos Annual Earnings (1.1b views) Annual Earnings (2.4b views) $4million $7.61minute $5.7 million $10.84 / min #8 #3 KHSONS RayWilliamJohnson Annual Earnings (2.6b views) $4.2 million $7.99/ minute $5 million $4.8 Smosh $4.3 million million $9.51 / minute Annual Earnings (3.1b views) $8.18 / minute $9.13/ minute #7 DC TobyGames Annual Earnings (1.6b views) #6 #5 DisneyCollectorBR Annual Earnings (1.6b views) BLU TOYS JennaMarbles BluCollection Annual Earnings (1.4b views) Annual Earnings (1.4b views) HOW MUCH That means Youtube revenue YouTube MONEY DOES hit an estimated makes an estimated YOUTUBE MAKE? $5.6 billion $10,654.49 in 2013. every minute! SOURCE:,,, highest-earning-youtube-stars/ youtube-ad-revenues-may-hit-5-6-billion-in-2013/ OYTD Youtube is a trademark of Google, Inc. YTD urges you to Respect IP in creating and using videos This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

What Happens in a YouTube Minute

shared by mrchibolin on Jul 12
YouTube is third most trafficked website on the Internet. This visual highlights some pretty interesting YouTube tidbits such as how many hours of video are uploaded every minute, to highlighting some...


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