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What is Content Marketing?

The Board keep telling me that content marketing can increase our profits. What Is Content Marketing? But how can blogs, social media and online communities increase customer acquisition, retention and value? 1 What Is Content Marketing? Content marketing is producing multimedia material that can be easily shared to simultaneously inform, entertain and promote your brand to potential customers. Traditional content marketing Through a combination of design, creative storytelling, technical and promotional skill, content marketing can enhance your brand and deliver outstanding results, not just in SEO but from many other channels too. Content marketing is CMe involved physical publications, a 100+ year old example is CMO matters @CMOmatters The Michelin Guide, a branded London - CMO publication that remains relevant and informative to this day. Modern content marketing matters Edit profile TWEETS FOLLOWNG FOLLOWERS involves creating online assets such as blogs, Twitter, YouTube and Facebook pages and filling a long term strategy, not just in the Tweets sense of building an audience and CMO matters CMOmaters 20 Sep a brand, but in that once created, CMO How to make a great infographic visual lylimaking-good-in. them with content that's relevant you own that content forever and it Expand CMO matters BCMOmatera to your brand, but also interesting to potential customers. exists without the shelf-life that 20 Sep CMO Our brand new video series quide to social media is now ive, check it applies to traditional advertising. out at youtube com/cmomatters Expand CMO matters eCMOmaters CMO The rise of Tumbir as as social media marketing tool moz com/bloghow-to-us Dview summany CMO mattersCMOmate • WHY SHOULD I USE CONTENT MARKETING? CMO Check out our Guide to Content Manketing at Content marketing has grown exponentially in the past few years, in 2012 B2B marketers spent 33% of Why should I use content marketing? their marketing budgets on content marketing up from 26% in 2011. CMO The reason for this growth is partly SEO is constantly evolving, and will because of how search engines change even faster with the rise of Cortant rank websites: unique, original and highly personalized mobile and tablet useful content is highly valued as is searching so it is essential to diversify the ways you can reach customers. Engaging customers with content CONTENKETING social media sharing. But it is also because of the wider benefits of content marketing. Creating great also creates an emotional connection. Content marketing develops a linear business-to-customer relationship content that can be shared across multiple channels improves SEO results whilst also safeguarding against reliance on natural search. into a positive circle of investment and feedback. HOW DO I CREATE GREAT CONTENT? TARGETING AND RESEARCH Look at who your customers are, what they are reading, what they are sharing and who they listen to. Look at what content already How do I create great content? exists and see if you can find a way to do it better, or with an original angle. USE INTERNAL RESOURCES What are YOU passionate about, what are your employees passionate about? What specific expertise or projects do you have that could be leveraged for interesting content? CMO сме CMOMaer FEEDBACK THROUGHOUT What i Content Marketing? Engage with your target audience as early as possible. Once you have an idea, reach out to target bloggers. Get feedback, as for their ideas, use this to develop the content further. The people you involve boal mecha nd onine will also be more likely to share the content when it's finished. The Executve Guide to Content Makuting CONTENT PLATFORMS Your content can take any form, it could be a blog, a video, a podcast, an infographic, or even a spin-off website. Make sure your content can easily be shared on social media, is visually appealing and works well on a range of browsers and devices. Research shows audio-visual content is 3x more likely to be linked to than pure text. SEQ HOW DO I MAKE SURE MY CONTENT GETS SHARED? 4 MAXIMISE BUILD SOCIAL MEDIA How do I make sure my content gets shared? SEO ACCOUNTS Research which keywords your target audience are searching It takes effort to build followers on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest for and which of those search and other networks and to give terms do not already bring up them a reason to engage, but great content. Optimise for think of them as online assets. those terms. The more work you put in, the CMe greater a platform you will have in future to promote new content. сме matter INFLUENCERS HUSTLE Find influential bloggers or Always be on the lookout for new places or opportunities to CMe tweeters by looking at blog promote your great content. Use personal contacts or directories or at who has linked to content similar to yours. Let them know about what networks to help share it. you've created, because if the content is good enough people don't mind being told about it! CM ....• HOW DO I MEASURE IF IT'S WORKING? How do I measure if it's working? SHARING TRAFFIC AND ENGAGEMENT AND RANKINGS You can easily measure how Look at traffic stats for the new pages and check the SERP ranking for the keywords you were targeting. Measure the uplift in overall traffic, social media followers and returning many shares your content has through counters or through basic searches, see what CMO Matters people are saying and what CMe they do and don't like. Use that feedback for future content. visitors over time. CONTENT CUSTOMER CONVERSION AND REVENUE Use feedback forms, surveys and tracking to discover which content has led directly to new business. Use email sign-up to capture and measure newly engaged visitors who may become customers in the future. ETWEETS

What is Content Marketing?

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A step-by-step guide to what content marketing is, why it's useful and how to do it.




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