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Visuals Work Because Visual Works!

VISUALS WORK BECAUSE VISUAL WORKS! 16 WHERE THERE IS NO VISION, THERE IS NO HOPE. 7 George Washington Carver Humans are visual creatures. We see with our eyes, not with our hands. Visuals can, in fact, trigger the same physiological or emotional reactions as the real situation would. A visual of an attack dog can cause real fear. A visual of the opposite sex can cause real lust. A visual of a newborn baby can evoke real joy. Visuals trigger a person's instincts, and genuine feelings are experienced. The feeling is real. Color, Arousal, and Memory Color has been found to increase a person's arousal. Warm colors, such as red and yellow, increase arousal more than cool colors, such as green and blue. Warm colors are those that are VIvid in nature. Arousal and Memory It is widely accepted in the scientific community, that arousing events have the ability to increase memory (Roozendaal, 2002). When undergoing these arousing events, hormonal changes in the brain lead to enhanced memory. Color and Memory If color can increase arousal, and arousal can increase memory, then it is possible that we could find that color can increase memory. In 2006, Spence, Wong, Rusan, and Rastegar found just that. ICONIC MEMORIES are visual memories (pictures). Since human vision preceded writing, Vİsualization is a powerful learning aid. Fonts When info is served using a weird or novel font, it is more likely to create a memory. Unless you're really interested in the subject matter, your brain has a tendency to lump anything written in tedious Times New Roman or blase and dull Courier with all the hundreds of miles of writing that you've ever read in those same plain fonts. New fonts can catch the viewer's eye in a Dramatic way! Effects of interesting, visual, sharable content Visual content is more noticeable, more sharable, and more memorable than plain text alone. Presentations illustrated with appropriate images are more interesting and engaging and thereby are likely to produce long-term retention of information. This increases the effectiveness of your message and attracts more potential clients or customers to your brand or service. Getting a custom infographic for your company's website is smart, easy, and affordable with INFOGRAPHDESIGN.COM Sources:

Visuals Work Because Visual Works!

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Social media sites are the ultimate way to communicate and share information across a widespread audience. That’s why infographics work so well – they’re the perfect strategy to engage the avera...


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