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Visual Customer Service in the Social Age

VISUAL, CUSTOMER ┼×ERVICE n the Social A ge THE VISUAL CONNECTION WE'VE ALL HEARD VISUAL CONTENT CAN IMPROVE ENGAGEMENT, but just how important is visual? HIGHEST MOUNTAIN 90% of all information that comes to the brain 60,000 TIMES FASTER 40% of all nerve fibers from the brain The human brain processes visual information 60,000 times faster than text. is visual. connected to the retina. When it comes to the internet, BY 2016: 55% 1800% Young consumers are abandoned Facebook and Twitter for visual-based platforms like Instagram. 55% of all traffic on the web will be video. Mobile video traffic will increase 1800%. GOING VISUAL Customers want to get Customer Service Guy How can we help you, sir? answers on social media: SOCIAL CUSTOMER SERVICE WAS RANKED ONE OF TOP 6 CUSTOMER SERVICE TRENDS OF 2014. USING VISUAL-BASED SOCIAL PLATFORMS CAN.. WANT GIFT? Increase Maintain response time customer engagement Increase Information word-of-mouth distribution How companies take customer service visual: PROBLEM-SOLVING CUSTOMER SERVICE CUSTOMER ENGAGEMENT SERVICE Visual & Video FAQS Interactive marketing campaigns Product tutorials Visual and video contests brands Screenshot And most importantly. branding! Service updates. Visual Q & As. solutions. THE BEST PLATFORMS forVisual Customer Service YOUTUBE YouTube gets 4 BILLION daily video views. YouTube has a 20.5% share of the US video ad market. Advertisers spent $5.6 billion on YouTube in 2013. 100 million people take social action on YouTube every week. HOW BRANDS ARE USING YOUTUBE: Indepth product tutorials and feature highlights. Live interviews and direct conversation with consumers. Toyota used YouTube to provide feedback and advice to customers about issues during a major recall in 2010. Archiving old ads to increase customer visibility O TOYOTA RECALL O Subscribed Published on Jan 01, 2010 INSTAGRAM More than 25% of Fortune 500 companies use Instagram. Instagram has 75 million daily users. Engagement on Instagram is 15x higher than on Facebook. Instagram videos get 2x more engagement than Instagram photos. HOW BRANDS ARE USING INSTAGRAM: Combining static images and video to market new * Good publicity hashtag campaigns products. benandjerrys Ben & Jerry's #CapturingEuphoria campaign had users take pictures of themselves with Ben & Jerry's ice cream and then featured the best photos in local ads. #CapturingEuphoria Connecting with customers via images of company culture VINE Branded Vines receive 400% more shares than branded videos. Vine has 40 million users. On average Vine gets 2x more engagement and 3x as many shares than Instagram. 19 7% of brands are currently using Vine. HOW BRANDS ARE USING INSTAGRAM: Fun, creative product demos and releases Answering common customer questions. Honda ******* Vine video contests #WantNewCar Honda launched a #WantNewCar Vine campaign and within ONE day gained 1,020 new followers and 2,292 mentions. Intoducing VACula. What Should ou Do? O Keep pictures and videos of products up-to-date. O Provide a steady delivery of valuable content. WANT GIFT? O Be creative and make an impression with your social content. Create a platform for customers contact you. & LocalBrand a moment ago... . Engage and build relationships with your customers. Share vour thoughts Enable your most loyal fans to respond to customer queries, as well. LoyalCustomer1 LoyalCustomer1 LocalBrand We are having problem with new pro- duct. See More LoyalCustomer2 Stay committed to answering customer questions. LocalBrand.............. .. Thanks for your response. We suggest that. See More Sources: Created By: gryffin. In Partnership With: TollFreeForwarding com of

Visual Customer Service in the Social Age

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Have you ever thought about incorporating your business with social media through videos and photos? Visual services are a great way to apply customer service, especially in this social age because it...




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