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Vintage Infographics from Fortune Magazine

WORLD ENERGY A Map by R. Buckminster Fuller O-21,250,000 human beings O- 368,500,000 inanimate energy slaves Mechanization, the harnessing of energy, is man's answer to slavery. Man, whose population totals about 2.125,000,000, now possesses the equivalent of some g6,850,000,000 inanímate energy slaves. Their number is estimated by dividing total energy con- sumed by industrial man from mineral sources and waterpower, by the energy output of one human per year. Each white dot on per cent of the human population; and the dots are located at centers of population. Each red dot rep- resents i per cent of the inanimate slaves, located at focal centers of consumption. Each red dot rep- resents about seventeen times the effective power developed muscularly by a white dot. The US. has 54 per cent of the energy slaves, an army of the map represents i 20,000,000,00o. The faint blue line north of the equator is an isothermic line representing the zone of 32° Fahrenheit mean fow. While all of industrial. Europe lies to the south of this thermal zone, the heart of U.S. industrialism lies just to the north of it. History has made a clockwise spiral of civiliza- tion from East to West and northward. Executed by Philip Ragan

Vintage Infographics from Fortune Magazine

shared by kcatoto on Jan 25
Looking back over the past 75 years, much has changed, but if we look at yesterday’s techniques for clear print communication and sharing information, what worked then is still what makes sense today.



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