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VIDEO ON SOCIAL NETWORK How Marketers & Advertisers are using Video HUMOROUS VIDEOS 0.76% NON HUMOROUS VIDEO 4 in10 2.47% HUMOROUS VIDEO are prominent within the social video space, and thery are effective. SOCIAL VIDEOS ARE HUMOROUS. Those who watch a HUMOROUS VIDEO are more than 3 times as likely to click to a brand's Facebook page after viewing than those who watch other types of video content. % OF USERS WHO GO TO BRAND'S FACEBOOK PAGE 12% CELEBRITIES CELEBRITY VIDEOS DRIVE12% FEWER VISITS TO BRANDS' FACEBOOK PAGES DON'T GUARANTEE THAN NON-CELEBRITY VIDEOS. ENGAGEMENT % OF VIDEOS WITH A CELEBRITY Only 1 in 10 CELEBRITY 000d000000 Social videos feature a TV or movie personality NO CELEBRITY videos are used least, But they produce the best clickthrough rates in the social video space. 15 SECONDS 61+ SECONDS videos account for half of all social video traffice, and they are the second most effective format after 15 seconds. ONLY 10% of videos are 15 seconds or less, yet they are 153% more effective than videos between 16 seconds and one minute. 16-60 SECONDS VIDEOS are 41% less effective than videos over one-minute long. LENGTH BREAKDOWN lili 10% 15 seconds or less views 29% 16-30 second views 49% 31 to 60 second views :15 or Less :16-:30 :31-:60 :61+ 12% 61+ second views % who interact after the view, (i.e. click to a website, use a store locator, rate, share, etc.) FEMALES dominate the social video space, while teenage users are on the rise. 63% OF ALL VIDEOS VIEWS ARE FROM FEMALE USERS 111111 60% OF VIDEO WATCHERS ARE BETWEEN THE AGES OF 18 & 44 12-17 YEAR-OLD USER BASE HAS INCREASED BY 48% SINCE THE BEGINNING OF 2011. AGE/GENDER 7% 12-17 Years old 18-24 Years old 11% 32% 25-34 Years old 63% FEMALES 35-44 Years old 20% 28% 45-54 Years old 37% MALES 55-65 Years old SOCIAL VIDEO OPT-IN 3X Social are more than three times as likely to interact with a band. 40% Social videos are notably effective in driving users to a brand's Facebook page. "join a brand on Facebook" is the single most popular post-view interaction, accounting for 40% of all post-view activity. SOCIAL VIDEO PROGRAMS deliver completion rates that are significantly higher than pre-roll. Sources: YuMe Advertising Matrix Report 2011-2012 VideoExplainers +1-347-9015042|| [email protected]


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