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The U.S. Presidential Race On Facebook

The Presidential Race on Some Insightful Results from Socialbakers facebook. WILL THEIR FANS TAKE THEM TO THE WHITE HOUSE? Barack Obama 24,327,200 FANS Mitt Romney 1,259,515 FANS Ron Paul 672,483 FANS DEMOCRAT IL REPUBLICAN MA REPUBLICAN TX Michele Bachmann 460,336 FANS Newt Gingrich 223,558 FANS Rick Perry 179,966 FANS CONTRAC REPUBLICAN MN REPUBLICAN REPUBLICAN GA TX Rick Santorum 40,895 FANS Jon Huntsman 30,622 FANS REPUBLICAN REPUBLICAN PA UT A Fan Growth Who's gaining momentum each day? What percent have they gained over the past month? 7.5 OBAMA ROMNEY PAUL BACHMANN I GINGRICH PERRY SANTORUM HUNTSMAN -0.5 25% December 1st December 31st Fan Growth over Past Month ! People Talking About* I Viral Reach* Ноw many people engaged with each candidate's page last week? What is the maximum potential reach of content when people "like" or comment on each candidate's page? Thousands of People Millions of People 228 58 60 21 18 14 173 35 65 19 20 21 I Interactions between People* 1 % of Total Interactions* Does candidate commentary continue between Facebook users? What percent of all "likes" and comments does each candidate own? OBAMA NOT APPLICABLE, USERS CAN'T ORIGINATE POSTS SANTORUM 2.1 HUNTSMAN 1.2 PERRY ROMNEY GINGRICH 6.2 PAUL 5.7 BACHMANN 5.6 BACHMANN GINGRICH OBAMA 50.0 PERRY 18.7 PAUL SANTORUM HUNTSMAN 10.3 ROMNEY Interaction Rate between People % of 2,663,959 Total Interactions I Most Engaging Post Who's got something engaging to say to their fans? Barack Obama A 86,943 LIkes 2012 R 15,939 Comments Mitt Romney A 26.004 LIkes Q 2,620 Comments > Ron Paul A 22,406 Likes Q 2,969 Comments This President spends a lot of time apolo- gizing for America. He should be apologiz- Merry Christmas everyone. Wishing you the best with your families and loved ones today. ing to America. December 30th December 25th The new Obama family portrait! December 15th > Rick Perry > Michele Bachmann A 10,270 Likes Q 2,642 Comments Newt Gingrich O 9,630 Likes CONTRAC 1,329 Comments O 8,036 Likes 9 2,654 Comments Two hours after I'm sworn in as President, and by the time Obama lands in Chicago, I will have forty percent of Obama's govern- ment dismantled. - Newt Gingrich PERRY PRESIDENT "Share' with your friends this important and in-depth interview where Newt outlines a Gingrich Administration, and answers the attacks. PERRY WINS DEBATE! CAN WE GET 3,000 LIKES? Michele Bachmann added 4 new photos to the album Iowa Can we get 3,000 LIKES for a great debate!? December 11th December 10th Newt's In-depth Interview with Sean Напnity Presidential candidate, Newt Gingrich, was interviewed for the full-hour on Hannity answering the tough questions. He answers the attacks of "divorcing wife . December 2nd > Jon Huntsman A 1,338 Likes Q 189 Rick Santorum 3 822 Likes Q 63 Comments DEC 28 Comments Statement from Sen. Santorum on Trump's debate cancellation: "The media has anointed Newt as the frontrunner. Isn't it time he go toe to toe with the consistent conservative alternative? The people of Iowa deserve as many opportunities to hear from the candidates as possible, because while Obama is beatable, we have to elect a conservative nominee whose record is a clear contrast to the President's." "Newt's poll numbers will eventually collapse. So who will be next? If the con- servative media, both establishment and insurgent, is to be believed, it could just be Jon Huntsman." Team Santorum: If you'd like to see a Santorum v. Gingrich debate, click like and share! December 13th December 2nd Measurements are taken as averages for given days and computed from Socialbakers' A Socialbakers social media analytics solution, Engagement Analytics Pro (data is sourced from Face- book's Open Graph API). All data is public data and published by Facebook users on open and public fan pages. Supastar SupaStarsTM are property of Paul Chang Design, LLC - Infographic by Paul Chang Design - *INFOGRAPHIC DETAILS Data Range December 1, 2011 to December 31, 2011 The number of unique people who have created a story about your Page in the past seven days. A story is created when someone "likes" your Page; posts to your Page Wall; "likes", comments on or shares one of your Page posts; answers a question you posted; responds to your event; mentions your Page; tags your Page in a photo; checks in at your Place; or recommends your Place (Facebook metric). People Talking About Viral Reach Calculated as the total number of "likes" and comments multiplied by the average number of friends per Facebook user (Socialbakers metric). Interactions between People People's interactions (all "likes" and comments) to each others' posts on each candidate's page. This rate is the average number of interactions per user wall post (Socialbakers metric). Total Interactions All "likes" and comments from a candidate's posts plus all "likes" and comments from people's posts on the candidate's page (Socialbakers metric). Fans Gained (Thousands) GINGRICH S PERRY SANTORUM HUNTSMAN

The U.S. Presidential Race On Facebook

shared by kcatoto on Mar 26
Social Bakers is an analytics company by nature so leveraging data for coverage isn’t that much of a stretch. But their presidential candidate Facebook stats infographic is a fun take on numbers and...


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