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Understanding social media as dinosaurs

UN DERSTAN DING SOCIAL MEDIA THROUGH DINOSAURS brought to you by Najeeb khan for Pteradactyl aka reddit Thats right, this is the first dinosaur you see when you enter the park. The one flying so high, that you can't reach it. When it feels like, it might shit on you and it covers a vast amount of area so be its friend. Similarly, reddit is dubbed "the front page of the inter- net." It covers a large amount of topics from news to youtube clips to pictur down vote posts, making even a grown man's picture stuck in a circle of doom.. Scumbag Steve. of pets. People upvote or Stegosaurus aka Stumbleupon Just like in the movies, if your in the area, you will run into Stegosaurus more than you can imagine. If you choose to be in the area, you will find them easily and can stumble on groups at a time. SU Stumbleupon refreshes the page with your interests. Like dinosaurs, particularly Stegosaurus, then everytime you press the Stumble button, you will find another page about Stegosarus. Atleast the websites don't bite. Velociraptor aka Google+ This annoying little creature tends to be everywhere. It comes out when you least expect it and just like the annoying guy from high school, it wants to be everyone's friend. It says it has over a million friends but has no one to hang out with. Similarly, Google+ comes out and suddenly adds all gmail users as its friend. No one really uses it and once in a while you will get an email "add me on your +1 circle"..nice try buddy! Triceratops aka Twitter This giant is often found in herds. It has a following and goes in most places in group. It follows each other and is always in constant communication. Similarly, Twitter is based on following, where people follow each other's tweets (140 character message about what you ate for breakfast) The 140 character message summarization makes use of interesting mating calls: lol, #wtf, omfg Brachiosaurus aka Linkedin in When looking over the vastness of the savanna, the Bra- chiosaurus is the one land dinosaur that almost all can see. This leads to the trees filtering out the smaller and shorter dinosaurs, although there is more dinosaurs and much more action below. Likewise, Linkenln is the only social network that you "friend" your boss with. Why? Because this is the "professional net- work" and you don't want your boss to see pictures of you wearing last year's halloween costume in July passed out on his lawn or tweeting what you really think of him. T-Rex aka facebook Ahh yes, T-rex, officially Tyrannosaurus rex. This is the big dog, the mac daddy of the land. All know about him and fear his moves. He is filled with bits and pieces of all the other dinosaurs and is still hungry. Facebook is the biggest social network, where you can see everything about your ex-girlfriend, from where they are, how they look like, who they are with and who is their new friends. Since facebook works with other social networks, you can also find out what she had for breakfast via twitter. Fossil aka myspace Fossils, the previous dinosaurs, but dead. I would explain what myspace is.. but you get the idea myspace .com Created by Najeeb Khan for

Understanding social media as dinosaurs

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These days with an influx of new technology, social media is a dominant form of marketing that is only growing bigger. In light of this, this infographic is done to simply one’s understanding of all...


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