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Types of Path User

types of Path User the Super O Trabeller At Changi Airport with Azamat Bagatov Thank You people of wadiyaaaaaaa CHECKIN IN AT THE AIRPORT all pou kno pou ano Arrived in Wadiya HEY, IM A TOURIST, BITCH! Bruno: Say Hi! to Aladeen! LOOK AT THIS PLACE! YOU MUST BE FREAKIN JEALOUS! Sagdiyev: Next destination please :) all p WELL, IM DONE WITH THIS PLACE Touchdown ZIMBABWEEEEEEEEE with Azamat Bagatov at Baobab Hotel p na Sagdiyev: Feels like heaven. WHERE SHOULD I GO NEXT? ANOTHER FUCKIN TRIP! Bruno: Envyyyy :( (2Omnivore the At The Night Breeze Bistro with Baron Cohen CHECKIN IN AT THE RESTAURANT OVER ZOOM: CHECK! VINTAGE FILTER: CHECK! EVERYTHING IS FOR SHOW OFF, FOOD, BOYFRIEND, AND ANYTHING ELSE THE HARDER TO PRONOUNCE, THE COOLER IT GETS Sagdiyev: Romantic dinner with boyfriend Sagdiyev: This night menu: Podgafbuuthi Rgadu Gadgaddu sweet!. CUP NOODLE: POST APPROVE Sagdiyev: Low-class food this time all p k KMeme the not-that-funny 9GAG-BASED-MEME Anax-anax ini jam pelajaran terakhir , yang pertama jawab pertanyaan ibu boleh pulang duluan Sendal aja punya pasangan masa lo JOMB... Udah ngga lucu anjing! *le lempar kertas ок BU! TOO MANY WORDS, TOO LAZY TO READ SIAPA YANG LEMPAR? ! Bye, temen-temen! SAYA BU , ok saya pulang duluan ya kan saya udah jawa pertanyaan ibu FUN APPROVAL. HELL YEAH! | Sagdiyev: So true KALAU SEMUA DIGIMON ADA KATA MON' DIBELAKANG NAMANYA. SUPPORTING COMMENT Sagdiyev: LOL. HAHA LOL, ROFL, LMAO, AND THAT "HAHA" THINGS IN COMMENT BOX Bruno: repath! BERARTI DORAEMON ITU BERARTI, GUE JUGA DIGIMON DONG. JUGA DIGIMON Ali G: ROFL! repath yeaa Sagdiyev: suka suka temon deh the ADrama I'M SO FOREVER ALONE IrS-s0-ME-PICTURE ATTENTION PLEASE, IM REMEMBERING MY EX Remembering my ex Sagdiyev: :( DRAMATICAL QUOTE WITH SAD EMOTICON Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened :""( - Dr. Seuss you no EMPTY INBOX SYMPHATYCAL COMMENT Bruno: Whyyyy? :( IT'S-SO-ME-MEME Listening to My Heart Will Go On by Celine Dion pou SAD SONG MAKING MY DAY Bruno: :'( FOREVER"ALONE Sagdiyev: Hahahaha Sthe. (5 Silet reader P Borat Sagdiyev gonna sleep all day NOWHERE Seen by 1 friend all you bnow Comment 1:08 PM A Listening to Roar by Katy Perry Joined Path On August 28th, 2012 BUT EVERYWHERE Seen by 1 friend Comment the hatters T'M SO FOREVER ALONE EMPTY INBOX Sagdiyev: Like I care ALWAYS START A NON-SENSIBLE CONVERSATION IN EVERY POST Bruno: Hey bro, how are you? FOREVER"ALONE Sagdiyev: Fine Sagdiyev: LOL Bruno: Ask me! al p Bruno: Hey open the front door there's a surprise for you Sagdiyev: How are you? MAYBE THEY FORGET ABOUT THE USE OF SMS OR THE CHATTING FITURE ON PATH Sagdiyev: No, I won't Bruno: Fine Bruno: But there's a surprise! Sagdiyev: Okay Sagdiyev: Don't care. Bruno: Thanks HTTP://GOODMORNINGNIGHT.COM

Types of Path User

shared by goodmorningnight on Sep 13
If you're the hip-smartphone-user, you must know about this app. This is an observation on the current hip of using the anti-social-media called Path. Infographic by Febrian Anugrah (Me) Idea by Sesa...


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