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Is Twitter a Waste of Time?

is twitter a waste of time? 167. of those who are active in online groups communicate through Twitter demography 600 million accounts on Facebook 200 million E accounts on Twitter 337. grad school by 387. educational degree of Twitter traffic originates in the US male 45%. no college 497. by sex twitter users female 55%. in the U.S. college 387. 3-12 47. 13-17 14% 50+ 147. hispanic asian 11% 31. african- american 167 by ethnic by age group 35-49 24% other 17 18-34 45% caucasian 697. is twitter a waste of time? With just a Twitter account, it's more difficult to find your friends and keep in touch with them. 257. of Twitter users have no followers, which leads rapidly to the decline of interest in the communication platform. Before long, the users begin to experience the claustrophobic sense of speaking to an audience largely non-existent. Only about 20%. of customers have been followed by more than 11 people and only 5% by more than 50 followers. About 40% of all the tweets are fragments of conversations. More than 40%. of users do not publish anything. 20% of users produce at least 80%. of the total content of the social network, 107. of the tweets are reposts of previously published tweets. 45%. of the mass communications posted are nonsense. 42%. 417 317. ovide opinions about products/servicer Prov how do we use twitter? 287. 217. 197. what benefits does twitter offer? Learn about products/services Ask for opinions about products/services Look for discounts/sales market your work and start blatantly selling your Purchase products/services Seek customer support wares. widen your network It empowers human connection, both for personal enjoyment and professional growth. You need it to meet new learn stuff Get first hand news and read some of the daily thoughts and ideas from experts and thought leaders. offerl find jobs Companies are using Twitter to announce available positions and solicit applicants. people. showcase your stuff Your name, ideas and your personal brand are already out there via your blogging work. Twitter is one more way to extend your name and brand visibility. become conversant in rapidly-developing technology. What better way to learn about fresh tech ideas than immersion into some of that technology, amongst the biggest brains who develop it? twitter is emerging as the most successful platform for referrals to online video, with a growth rate that is far outpacing those of Face- book, Yahoo, Google and Bing. keep up with the buzz even when you're on the move, with text or IM. Twitter on your mobile device means that you can read and send tweets wherever you have cell phone service. tips for using twitter think before you tweet Do not answer the Twitter question, "What are you doing?" every 2.5 minutes; you'll just annoy your followers. twitter messages are archived and searchable Forever. Remember that. it's not all about you This is not a contest to see how many you can follow or how many sign up to follow you. Scoops & scandals GMS authenticitu Twitter introduced a PIN code option to resolve a vulnerability in SMS authentication. The Shorty Awards, also known as the Shorties, is an awards event that honors top short-form content creators on the micro-blogging website, Twitter. It includes 36 categories to which the winners have to respond with speeches of up to 140 characters. 2007 shorty Awards malware A cybercriminal hijacked Twitter's trending system, serving malware that tricked users into visiting video sites and infected them with malware 2008 2009 Cwitter offoirs Latit Modi oversaw the bidding process and creation of two new teams in the Indian Premier League. Pune and Kochi were declared the new franchises. A Twitter entry by Modi naming the stakeholders of the Kochi IPL team allegedly breached confidentiality agreements, but also led to the resignation of the then Indian Minister of State for External Affairs, Dr. Shashi Tharoor. 2010 chanks twitte. egupt uprising Daniel Morales got a prepaid cell phone with a Twitter account. He was reunited with his daughter, whom he hadn't seen for 11 years, when he found her on Twitter. Fashion designer, Kenneth Cole, learned the hard way about the power of social media in February 2011, when an insensitive tweet linking the uprising in Egypt to the launch of his spring collection resulted in some serious Internet backlash. Earlier that morning, the company's official Twitter feed put out the following tweet: "Millions are in uproar in Cairo. Rumor is they heard our new spring collection is now available online." 2011 Twitter is now a growing famous phishing attacks internet phenomenon and one of the most visited social networks, but not everything you read is true, or has been written by the alleged author. Twitter has become a platform for attacking politicians, celebrities and companies. Some victims are: Barak Obama Steve Jobs Dalai Lama Dimitri Medyedev Lance Armstrong Will Smith Miley Cyrus CPROBLOGGER Sources: | | | | |

Is Twitter a Waste of Time?

shared by rmmojado on Feb 20
For anyone starting a revolution, or a business, Twitter can be a success. For the rest of the world, it can be a waste of time that doesn’t get the message out to people they want to reach. And for...




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