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twitter Year by Year User Growth Launch 4:02 PM March 21, 2006. "Inviting Coworkers" 2011: 175 million May 1st 2010: 106 million 2009: 8 million 2008: 3 million tutte= -Jack Dorsey twttr Tipping Point 2007: 650k 2007 SXSW tweets 2/3 access via mobile phone increase from 20k per day to 60k 140 million Tweets per day Time to 1 Billionth Tweet 3 years, 2 months, 1day @seanenelson. Today: 1 Billion tweets per week Most Tweeted Day March 11, 2011 52% of 177m Tweets Twitter Apps 600k developers workingon apps that integrate Twitter users update their status Japanese Earthquake daily 460k new accounts per day 900k apps that in Q1 2011 use Twitter in some way Increase in Mobile Based Twitter Usage by Device Android: 104% iPad: 72% iPhone: Blackberry: 51% What's happening? 55% Twitter is for Business Timeline GMentions Retweots Searches Lists 117 Tweet Twitter's market value is $4 Billion USD following recent funding in Q1 of 2011. * 42% of users utilize the platform to discover more information about a product or service * 67% of users are more likely to buy products from brands they follow on Twitter Companies that use Twitter gain twice the number of P leads each month than their non-Tweeting counterparts Twitter earned $45 Million in ad revenue in 2010 73% of marketers plan on increasing their Twitter activity this year Expected to triple in 2011 Who Is On Twitter 14% 18% 3 - 17 Male Female 18 - 34 46% 54% 24% 35 - 49 45% 50+ Gender Age 13% No College 49% College 38% Grad Sch. Education 1% 3% 11% Caucasion 17% $0 - $30k African Am. 30% 16% $30k - $60k $60k - 100k. Asian 25% 69% Hispanic 28% $100k+ Other Income Ethnicity Created by Stats were compiled from the various resources,2817,2385360,00.asp sourced in above links Sourced in above links Sourced in above links Graphics Background graphic (modified from original source): Mark Klowner -view original: Twitter Bird:

Twitter Stats

shared by rmmojado on Jan 23
Since 1980′s USA Today has used mini infographics to present data in quick, easy to digest manner. With the emergence of social media they seem to have hit a resurgence, moving from the simple USA ...


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