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Twitter Psychology for Marketers

TWITNER PSYCHOLOGY Why'd you unfollow me? Respondents said it's because 39% of users polled said they'd rather follow a Personal account that shares on all of their interests you.. 66% Tweet too much 58% Appear automated 47% Share the same link multiple times 38% Don't Tweet 34% Tweet about yourself all the time 61% said they'd rather follow a focused account that shares on a handful of topics 80% of those with over 500 followers said that they'd rather follow a focused account About how many updates per day constitutes oversharing? Tweet Bots that send multiple tweets simultaneously appear to be the wrong way to go. Tweeps are about twice as likely to unfollow you due to spam than due to inactivity. When in doubt. hold your peace. in 14/day |8+ 16/day 21/day Twitter Oversharing Facebook Oversharing 36/day 87 65 37 34 21 65 22 21 15 Those with more Twitter followers appear to be more tolerant of high sharing volume. 0-41 L105 51 H0 10-50 ttttt1 fttttt How Retweet/Mention from 55% someone you follow do they |find you? It's official; nobody uses Follow Friday. 42% 32% 16% Following Back Search for related interests Twitter Suggest 13% Follow Friday Recommendation It's clear that the best way to get someone to follow you is through retweets, so what makes people retweet? 92% - Interesting Content 84% - Humor 66% - Personal Connection 21% - Celebrity Status 32% - Offered Incentive (Tangible or Virtual) 26% - “Please RT!" offering to give a Tweep something in return for a retweet is about as effective as adding "Please RT! to the end of your tweet. Unsurprisingly, interesting content is the best way to get someone to retweet you, along with humor, while an offered incentive or adding "Please RT! to the end of a tweet are rather ineffective. Takeaway: Tweeps don't care if you give them chings or askthem to help:theyllretweet you ifthey like your stuff or thinkyou're funny. WhiteFireSEO Graphic by:

Twitter Psychology for Marketers

shared by mmonsen7 on Aug 05
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Recently, WhiteFireSEO hosted a poll on Twitter psychology for marketers, and these are the results. What makes people unfollow you and how can you best get more followers?


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