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Twitter Limits

TWITTER LIMITS 10 limits you should be awarе of IIII I • USERS YOU CAN FOLLOW PER DAY • No more than 1 1000 While this is the upper end of the scale, we recommend don't follow a lot of people every day - it may lead to a suspension for suspicious spammų activity. you • TOTAL NUMBER OF USERS YOU CAN FOLLOW. 2. 2000 You can't follow more than 2,000 people (unless you have more than 1,819 followers) • USERS YOU CAN UNFOLLOW PER DAY• NO DEFINED LIMIT We know users who've unfollowed everyone they were following in one day. However, as with following, Dt is recommend you show restraint and don't get yourself suspended by unfollowing indiseriminately. • TWEETS YOU CAN SEND PER DAY• 1000 Fo 00:00 Tweet Mail WiFI Paint No more than 1000 per day. Includes retweets. Юe сапnоt positioely bathom hою and why someопе would want to send our 1000 tweets per day, but if you are planning to tweet a lot, this is the number where Twitter will pull the plug. • DIRECT MESSAGES YOU CAN SEND PER DAY • 1000 This is another Twitter limit that most of us will probably never have to worry about. But just in case you are really active with direct messages, sending an auto response and engaging in lengthy conversations with everyone. There is a limit of 1000 direct messages in a 24 hour period • TOTAL NUMBER OF LISTS YOU CAN CREATE• 1000 You can only create 1000 witter lists and each list is limited at 5000 accounts. So, besides the number of people who actually show up in your following' list, you can effectively follow the tweets of 5 milliontwitter users! • TWEET CHARACTER COUNT LIMITS• 140 CHARACTERS I6 you're using a third party tool or creating your tweets in Word or Excel and bulk uploading them, this is a really important limit to keep in mind. If you exceed 140 characters your tweets may not go out at all or they may be truncated, decreasing the likelihood that anyone will engage with them. So make sure that you're careful not to exceed 140 characters TWITTER USERNAME CHARACTER COUNT LIMIT• 8 15 CHARAC+ERS This is useful to keep in mind, especially if you've trying to squeeze your entire business's name into the username. Also take note that your username can only contain letters A-2, numbers and underscores. It can't contain any other symbols or dashes •TWITTER BIO LIMITS• 160 CHARACTERS Be very smart with what you put in here. Be concise, but powerful. Do away with unnecessary words and fillers. This is your opportunity to sell your account as a follow-worthy one to potential followers • IMAGE SIZE LIMITS• 1500 X 500 10 Header 1500X 500 Profile Photo 400 X 400 Shared photo 1024 X 512 In-stream photo Preview 220 X 440 E9 10 11 12 Created by : SocialMediaBuddy @tmaster81 twitter 4.

Twitter Limits

shared by tmaster81 on Jul 05
There and many questions raised regarding Twitter and its various limits. Let’s admit it, no social network will let users have free run of everything without setting some restrictions or else, spam...



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