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#Twitter Facts and Figures

#Twitter Facts and Figures All the latest Twitter stats... twitter We're regularly asked by clients for the latest facts and figures about Twitter so we thought it might be useful to create a simple infographic that had some handy user information. facts and figures Compiled from a range of online sources we've handily taken the pain away from researching Twitter for yourself and put it altogether. Enjoy and feel free to pass it on. there are #Twitter and Tweets 450,000 there are years.. not bad in just 5, new Twitter accounts created every day that's 52 every 200,000,000 almost registered Twitter users Tweets every second 88% da.. second, every 1650 of people have awareness of Twitter that's over there are one BILLION there are up to new Tweets posted every week 180,000,000 new tweets posted every day Ratictive personaities 24% every minute there are as many as 138,888 52% new Tweets of users update their status of all users check Twitter several times a day just every day 5% y updates make the đifference. of Twitter users create 75% of the content want a retweet? that's a few very buSy Tweeters. 5PM is the best time to get retweeted search and ye shall find. there are #Twitter Usage 18,000 Titter on the go approx 50% search queries every second which is around 1.6bn searches each day 40% of users access Twitter on more than one platform eg. mobile and iPad or Blackberry and home PC of all Tweets come from a mobile device noble's where it's af 1.5m that's a 182% Twitter users follow more than 500 people Comprende? 81% increase in mobile device usage in 12 тonths of users follow less than 100 people 61% of all Tweets are in English as much as there are now тore than 75% 1,000,000 of traffic comes from outside Twitter registered apps that work with Twitter and a new app is registered every 1.5 seconds big in dmerica but even bigger elsewhere. 70% that's quite a few referrals heading #Twitter User Demographics of Twitter accounts are outside the US TYPP| 46% aGe of users are male profile of users 111 54% the majority of Twitter users are aged 30-49. of users are female 18-29 41.5% more time to Tweet. 30-49 47% 42.3% * 53% 50-64 of Twitter users have children 13.7% of Twitter users don't have children 65+ 2.6% when do parents find the time- early adpoters and higher earners. 11% of the UK online population are on Twitter 30% #Twitter and Brands of Twitter users have a household income of over $100,000 a brand on 43% f people follow Twitter for special offers/deals 24% of current customers follow that brand on Twitter 75% Users like to spredd the love. of users are more likely to purchase from a brand they follow 66% Use Twitter to drive Durchases of p 67% of all questions asked on Twitter have some commercial intent of users are likely to recommeпd a brand they follow to others keep an eye on what people a 80% Products and services are saying and take up to 85% around of companies are now using social media as part of their recruitment process big money Drings Dig exposure. it costs around of those customer service Tweets are negative or critical $120,000 the big boys are busy lweeters.. 88 each day for a promoted Tweet 1,000,000 people view Tuweets about customer service each week of the 100 Fortune Global Companies post daily news and updates and last but not least. $8,000,000,000.00 latest valuations makes Twitter worth about $8billion @touchagency Follow Touch Agency: Twitter: @touchagency we are awaRD WINNING CReaTIve DESIGN WEBSITE anD PHOTOGRAPHY expeRTS Touch July 2011 © Touch Agency

#Twitter Facts and Figures

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There are 200,000,000 registered Twitter users and everyday Twitter gets 45,000 new users. This infographic provides all the facts and figures for Twitter so you can gauge how important it would be fo...




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