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Twitter Anatomy of a Protest

W seh E Gth S 8th Ave Lincoln Iunnel Exp W 34th St THEATRE DISTRICT 2nd Ave E Sth Se pore 4th St Cit: E55h S 9th Ave E46th GARMEN OISTRI TURTLE BAY ESOA S w 20h S W 19th St MIDTOWN EAST #MayDay, #Occupy 11:00am 5/1/2012 -11:59pm 5/1/2012 9th Ave Madivor 1st CURRY 2nd Ave Tith Ave WZndS arn Ave 139 lath St W 9th W 27 1st Ave FDR Dr S Jane W 12th St Rethune St Hudson St E 25h S KiPs HUNTERS POINT 44h Ave York binete Perry St 45th Ave E23rd St Ist Ave 45th Rd Holland Tunel Hosp GRAMERCY-FLATIRON BELLE FDR DrS E18th S DOWNTOWN JERSFY CITY THE WATERFRONT Clarkson St E20h St WHousten S 2nd 21st WALDO PETER GREEN 2nd St FOR Dr unters Point Avr Sotek tong Island Exp Provost DOPER VILLA GREENV Borden Ave Ash S STUYVESANT TowN Watts St MANH Prar St Box Montgomery St Commercial St Matie Bed Pulaski Bridge sbrosses St PAULUS HOOK Grand Se EXCH HANGE PLACE Laight St 94 Hubert St Vestry S E Sh Eagie Sr Dupont St Eagle St lousto Freeman St EAST VILLAc Georg N Moore. Tomplon Apen St Huron St 1st Ave Houston Frakin Se Park Inedia Sr Aeng St N fnd br Greenpoint Ave E Bowery Long Isleng afayette Maton S- Greenpoint Ave Allen Delancey St Hudson St idvsolutións E4th St North Church St Grand Stantae St 11:40 1RD EDR DrS BATTERY PAR Mott St 11:20 CRRNE 11:00 10:40 Ridge Williamsburgg Bri NMO 10:20 dride Bowery Broadwa 10:00 MANHATTAN 09:40 LOWER EAST SIDE 09:20 CREENPOIN Eidgewater 5/1/2012 10:00 PM 09:00 08:40 DE Broadway MSBURG Henny St 08:20 BROOKLY Es hand-N Ferry Madison Willent Delncey Sts NORTH SIbr 08:00 Meeker 07:40 Brooklyn Qu Park 07:20 m 5/1/2012 8:00 PM Medison SE Chery Sr Two BRIDGES 07:00 Water St Kent Ave FDR Dr S Lombardy Se 06:20 South St *FDR Dr A 06:00 Brooklyn Queens Expy E skond-NY Fem Deadel Se FAPORT 05:20 R D05:40 5/1/2012 6:00P 05:00 EAST WILLAMSBURG 04:40 Frost St 04:20 EDR Dr NFDR DrS Withers 04:00 uull 03:40 Jack on s 5/1/2012 4:00 PM 03:20 03:00 02:40 02:20 FULTO 02:00 Pymouth St VINEGAR HILL 01:40 5/1/2012 2:00 PM 01:20 Water St 01:00 12:40 Orange S owpple St 5orand Ave Staten island-Ferry 12:20 12:00 11:40 > Now 5/1/2012 12:00 PM deens Expy 11:20 12 P 11 A 10 A 11 P 5/2/2012 10 P 12 P 11 A 10 A 9 A 4 A 12 A 5/1/2012 E6rd St E62nd St E62nd St Queensboro Brg E62nd St E 60th St ES7 St ES7th St E Sheh St W S7th St E54h St E53rd St W S2nd St E45th St W4st St Apoka W 3th St 6th St 34th St ankin 20th St W 30th St W 29th St baldt St Graham Ave W2Tth St W 25th St W 23rd St W 22nd St E1Sth St doh St Sth St W 17th St W eh S ESth St 9999999999

Twitter Anatomy of a Protest

shared by johnmnelson on May 03
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Here's a visualization of mid and lower Manhattan on MayDay, 2012, plotting the when and where of tweets containing the keywords, MayDay and Occupy (representing a healthy mix of supporters, detractor...


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