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Top Prominent Companies On Google+

Google+ User Statistics: Part II (August 2011) 2 weeks after Google revamped the G+ invite system, how have the demographics shifted from its period in beta? From a voluntary sample of around 10 million Google+ users. Gender demographikinot much has changed! Female 2854 960.00 130.38 Female 1 226 716 in July (28.07 There has been a lot of noise around the male: female ratio on Google+. Almost 3 weeks down the line.we can Male see that not much has changed! The percentage of females has crept up a mere 2% to 30% of users, but males still dominate the network at around 3 143433 in Jul7193 Male 6 542 634.00 (69.62) 70%. What does the user occupation landscape look like? User ocoupations in July las Kage of total sample) - Geeks rule User occupations in August jas age of total samplej - Students are taking over Mly users Student August users 775 Engineer Developer 199K Software Engineer 17 19K Designer Craphic Marketing Teacher Develop Web Designer Web Writer Software Developer er Engineer Analvs ManaProjec Web Gradu ure Director Wiiter geme t Desig ate alist Developer Designer Profe Produ Scien Aor Musi Inter Freel Sales ssor Programmer Artist Architect Musicia Progra Software mmer Socia Sch Adm Ass Blog Inst Syst Phot Developer Musi I cc Fng Net Bus Sof Me Op cian Sistema Tech 5 Archi tect Rese Coac Libra web CEO Project Actor an mas Manager Manager Ady Mo Pu Cre we Co Sys Tra Software Engineer Photographer Acc lect Mec Sys Co Libr Ce Law Edu Do Ed Sys Softwar IT Ph AR FI P Tech nicia Serv Scientist Law Web Art Bus Gra IT Me Acc Pre Developer Special Edito Exe Cre Pro Sup We Fl Int C Fo Teacher Nur Rese st We Dlu MTLA PhD Inte Ch Professor de SE Fre Tral Artist Com Grap fo T t Doc M e Photographer muni Rea Tea Co We Res Sofh Which companies are the most prominent on Google+? Top 20 companies in July: how are they doing in August I Augut u July a How active are Google+ users Users 20к 18K 16к Active 2 508 391 (17% 14K Most organiaticns in July's top 20 have more than doubled the number of people jaining Google+ 12K Inactive 12 027 738 I835a 10K вк 83% of Google+ users are classed as inactive.. that 2K Micesoft Best Bu Oracle Corporalion Deloitte Touche means only 2.5 million people are actively using the social network! Google vloy sadent De Freelance SetEmployed Starbucks Tata Corsuttancy Services Wies Technolags Carian Teshaniogy tok New entrants to the top Top 100 companies by 16 August 2011 companies list include: Freelance Apple Life TCS Starbucks Target erizon Cappem AT&T School IBM Ini School Wal- Pricewat Freelan Siemen Govern Samsu Amazo Mart IT erhouse s ment ng НР Oracle Cognizant Hewlett- Retire Sony KPMG US Orang Wells Yahno Life Government Intel Army e Fargo Yahoo Packard Self IT Google -Infosys Came Sprin YNC Ogilv TheNAS Vod SAP Stop AY Walt A afon T. Expres Mobil be Deloitte Express Sony Orange Microsoft Ericsso Ado Cons Amd Hom Com Univ Tata Consultancy Services Best HCL Air Gener rve Unite Moto Lars Univ Mph YMCA Force Ernst al Atos Stapl Ceek Qual Infor USA Vodafone Subway + more! Buy Cisco Nokia McDon HSBCF cat Hon Sym Sapie Lock Student Wipro Dell k ald's Comp Tech uter Mahl Boei Proct Citig Fed Cas O Indep waig unite AIES Sub You Accenture oyed Walg Faceb reen Huaw Googlet uer growth number of users August user distribution per country (top 151 эм Select 2aM A Map Sanelie Hybrid Terrain 26M 24M 25 000 000 22M Canada 20M 797K North lutic Ocean 14M 12M jat0o 000 10M Veerele 0. Per Brasil 27/06/2011 2000 ml Argia 09/0/2011 Iugery d1 NASA Map data CI Geoontre Consina Muslink, Tele 14/07/2011 20/07/2011 24/02011 2000 km date Fiters: TOP Auguit users s Accenture Studem Appie Chto Systems inc Capgemir

Top Prominent Companies On Google+

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A new research indicates that a greater share of Google+ users do not actually use the social network very often. As of mid-August, the dominant occupation for Google+ users was “student.” New ent...


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