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The Top Benefits Achieved in Social Media in 2013 by 3,000+ Leading Marketers

THE TOP BENEFITS Achieved in Social Media in 2013 by 3,000+ Leading Marketers 89% of all marketers indicated that Increasing their social media efforts have generated more exposure traffic was the ZND FOR THEIR BUSINESSES major benefit, with 75% reporting positivě results Most marketers are using social media to gain marketplace intelligence 69% and develop loyal fans 65% >> Changes since our 2012 study: The order of benefits has remained virtually unchanged since 2012, with the exception of developing loyal fans ranking slightly above generating leads. For example, in 2012, 85% IMPROVED SALES: Also, the reported increased exposure, 69% reported increased traffic and 65% reported provided marketplace insight. percentage of marketers reporting It takes time to develop relationships that LEAD TO SALES. However, a large these benefits has increased across all categories si n ce percentage of marketers who take the time find 2012 2012 GREAT RESULTS. MORE THAN HALF More Than Half WHO SPEND 11 OR MORE HOURS PER WEEK FIND THE SAME RESULTS AND 62% OF THOSE VWHO SPEND 40+ HOURS OF MARKETERS WHO HAVE BEEN USING SOCIAL MEDIA FOR AT LEAST 3 YEARS REPORT IT HAS HELPED THEM IMPROVE SALES. EARN NEW BUSINESS THROUGH THEIR EFFORTS. 57 percent of all marketers taking this survey report Social media has not helped them improve sales. This may be because they lack tools to track sales. Increased expOSure: With as little as 6 or more hours per week, the vast majority of marketers V 95% indicated their social media efforts increased 6H+ exposure for their businesses 92%+ of all marketers who've been employing social media marketing for two years or longer report it generates exposure for their businesses. GREW BUSINES5 PARTNERSNIPS: Marketers who invest the More than half most time in Social media of those investing as little as 6 hours marketing gain the most business partnerships per week in social media were able to build new Of those with 3 years or more of experience, 62%+ saw partnerships. new partnerships. However, more than half of marketers Marketers selling to who've invested at least 1 year in social media marketing other businesses were also report that new partnerships were gained. more likely to achieve this benefit than those selling to consumers. Generated leads: By spending. 64%+ A+1/2 as little as 6 hours per meek, OF MARKETERS SEE LEAD GENERATION BENEFITS WITH SOCIAL MEDIA. MORE THAN HALF OF MARKETERS WITH AT LEAST ONE YEAR OF SOCIAL MEDIA EXPERIENCE WERE GENERATING LEADS WITH SOCIAL PLATFORMS Reduced marketing expenses: AT LEAST Nearly half of those who spend at least 6 hours per week or more on Social media efforts saw a benefit of reduced marketing expenses. 62% of businesses with 1 or fewer employees agreed social media REDUCED marketing expenses, improved Search Rankings: WHILE ONLY 38% of businesses with 1000 or more Improved search engine rankings were employees AGREED. most prevalent among those who've been using social media for two years or longer, with 62%+ reporting a rise. INCRENSED TRAFFIC AT LEAST 60% OF MARKETERS SELLING THOSE INVESTING TO OTHER BUSINESSES A MINIMUM OF 6 WERE MORE LIKELY TO HOURS PER WEEK IN SOCIAL MEDIA ACHIEVE THIS BENEFIT MARKETING SAW (60%) THAN THOSE A significant 78ʻ%+ of participants found that increased traffic occurred with as little as b hours per week invested in Social media marketing. IMPROVEMENTS IN SEARCH ENGINE SELLING TO CONSUMERS RANKINGS (56%) And those who've been doing this for 2 years or more reported substantially better results (81%+ reported benefits) compared with those with less experience. Provided Marketplace insight: 71% 66%) Of those with at least 1 year of experience, found social platforms provided marketplace insight. likely to media for inteligence-gathering than B2B companies mere more Use social AT LEAST 71% OF THOSE SPENDING AT LEAST 6 HOURS PER WEEK WERE MORE LIKELY TO GAIN MARKETPLACE INSIGHT. Develo pel loyal fans Of those spending Of those who have been using social B2C marketers (71%) were much more likely at least 6h a to develop a loyal fan base through media for at least 1 week, 69% found year, 63% found it useful for building a loyal fan base. benefit-compared to 49% of those spending 5h or fewer per week. social media than B2B marketers (58%). Source: ialMediaMarketingIndustryReport2013. pd CHECK OUT MORE INFOGRAPHICS BY WISHPOND THE IMPACT OF PHOTOS THE IMPACT OF TWITTER HOW USERS INTERACT ON FACEBOOK ENGAGEMENT ON BRANDS ON PINTEREST by wishpond --I

The Top Benefits Achieved in Social Media in 2013 by 3,000+ Leading Marketers

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You hear all the time about the big wins in social media - thousands of new fans overnight, thousands of shares on a photo post, etc. But are these wins being achieved by all marketers across the boar...




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