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Top 3 Factors for a Winning LinkedIn Profile Photo, According to Science

HOW SOCIAL MEDIA PHOTOS AFFECT YOUR JOB SEARCH 4 REASONS YOUR PROFILE PHOTO MATTERS 90% More than 90% of employers are recruiting through social media, including LinkedIn. in 94% 65% 55% 18% Recruiters spend an average of 6 seconds per Linkedin profile-- and 19% of that time looking at the profile picture. Princeton researchers have found that people form an impression of you from your photo in 1/10 of a second. O SEC 1 SEC IF YOU WANT THE JOB, YOU HAVE TO LOOK THE PART. RECRUITERS CONNECT WITH THIS INSTANTLY, AND ONLY THEN WILL THEY GIVE YOUR SKILLS AND CREDENTIALS THE FULL WEIGHT THEY DESERVE. FACTORS THAT CREATE YOUR WINNING PROFILE PHOTO RESEARCH SAYS THAT DIFFERENT PHOTOS OF THE SAME PERSON LEAVE IMPRESSIONS AS VARIED AS THOSE OF ENTIRELY DIFFERENT PEOPLE. 43 7 10,000 When you begin to mix these facial expressions together, the human face can make more than There are 7 universal Every person has facial expressions: happiness, sadness, surprise, fear, anger, contempt and disgust. 43 distinct facial muscles. 10,000 slightly different expressions. NOW ADD MATTERS OF DRESS, GROOMING, LIGHT, CAMERA ANGLES, AND CAMERA DISTORTION/EDITING TO THIS COMPLICATION OF MICROEXPRESSIONS, AND YOU SEE HOW EVERY PHOTO TELLS A UNIQUE STORY. oi HOW TO GET A WINNING PROFILE PHOTO DON'T OBSTRUCT YOUR EYES HIRE A PRO Sunglasses make their wearer look 10% less likable. Eye obstruction via hair, glare, and Have the photo professionally taken. (The pros know posing, lighting, angles, and editing.) shadow didn't make a difference in likeability, but bring down perceived competence by 15% and influence by 8%. SMILE WITH TEETH DRESS FORMALLY In regards to making someone like and trust Doing so for the picture does wonders for getting you hired, as people you, smiling with teeth showing has twice the effect of smiling with perceive you to be 43% more competent and 58% more influential in your mouth closed! your industry. REAL LIFE EXAMPLES FROM PHOTOFEELER THESE REAL PHOTOS OF WOMEN AND MEN HAVE GARNERED THE BEST RATINGS ON PHOTOFEELER. COMPETENT LIKEABLE INFLUENTIAL ASPA 74% 72% 94% 98% 97% 81% 87% 81% బర్గరంగార 71% 94% 86% 99% NEED SOME HELP? FOR MORE HELP LANDING THE PERFECT JOB, VISIT AVIDCAREERIST.COM TO FIND OUT IF YOUR PHOTOS ARE MAKING THE RIGHT IMPRESSION (OR NOT), VISIT PHOTOFEELER.COM AUTHORS: Donna Svei,; Ann Pierce, Want to feature this infographic on your site? Please provide live links to both and SOURCES Todorov-PsychScience.pdf SkyFi.dpuf photofeeler AvidCareerist PHOTO CREDITS Andersonrise/ | Phase4Photography/ | dgilder/ | BCFC/ 520525 | 759532 | 727729| 861513

Top 3 Factors for a Winning LinkedIn Profile Photo, According to Science

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Quickly learn what you MUST DO to get your LinkedIn profile ahead of the competition.


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