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That's Old News

That's Old News! How social media is replacing traditional journalism as a news source The Truth About News Sources over 50% 46% of people have learned about breaking news via social media rather than official news sources. As of 2012, online news revenue has surpassed print newspaper revenue. of people get their news online at least 3X a week Where do People Get Their News OveralI? Social media makes a strong showing as an online news source. Facebook 59.5% Twitter 19.9% YouTube 12.7% Google+ 27.8% 11.6% Other 42.8% Social Media Social media has become one of the top Since 2009, traffic to news sites from social media platforms has increased Radio News news sources | 18.8% 57% 9% of adults who get news on a digital device use Facebook or Twitter to get that news very oflen 8 News Stories that Broke via Social Media Announcement of Egyptian Uprising the royal wedding Newt Gingrich running for U.S. president Hudson River Plane Crash Facebook Twitter Twitter Protesters killed in Bahrain Twitter Whitney Houston's death Twitter Hilary Clinton won't be in a 2nd term Obama cabinet Osama bin Laden raid and death YouTube Twitter Twitter The 1st person to tweet about the Osama bin Laden raid was a neighbor who, while complaining about the noise next door on Twitter, unknowingly tweeted about one of the biggest news stories of the decade. Pros and Cons of Social Media News Pros US. Cons Only 140 characters to tell the story (Twitter) Immediacy Everyone can report news Inaccuracy, facts missing Stories disseminated quickly Journalistic integrity could be compromised Cell phones can go where some TV cameras can't, like courtrooms Amateur reporters putting themselves or others in harm's ! way to get the scoop Consider the Source Who's America's most trusted TV news anchor? It's a tie. 66% 66% Jim Lehrer Brian Williams PBS NEWSHOUR NBC Nightly News Online news sources aren't always trustworthy. 49.1% Of people have heard breaking news via social media that turned out to be false. Fast doesn't always mean factual. Even if you use social media as a news source, always double check your facts with a trusted news source." your future starts here SOURCES. "Breaking News via Social Media," ask your target market, February 2012 "Who is America's most trusted news anchor?", Washington Post, May 2011 "Factbox: News that broke on Twitter," Reuters, July 2011 "How Social Media Helps Journalists Break News," Social Media Examiner, May 2011 "Sohaib Athar's Tweets from the attack on Osama bin Laden.." Washington Post, May 2011 "What Facebook and Twitter Mean for News," Amy Mitchell, Tom Rosenstiel and Leah Christian; Pew Research Center, 2012 28.8% 59.5% SMƏN A Newspap Other Print Publications Other 6.0% 9.5%

That's Old News

shared by bhart8282 on Apr 18
Recent research confirms that we are living in the digital information age. Nearly half of all Americans get some form of local news on a mobile device, and 46% of people get their news online at leas...



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