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The Tech Industry's Most Obnoxious Tweeters

The Tech Industry's Most ObnoxiouS Tweeters and what their tweets really mean With over half a billion users, it's no surprise that Twitter has its fair share of awful tweeters. And it's even more apparent in the tech world, where bad tweeters range from the self-anointed code monkey to the iPhone addict with 15+ hyperactive social media accounts. These are the tech industry's most obnoxious tweeters and the "tweetlations" of what they really mean. 51 5175 THE HARDCORE DEVELOPER Tweet: Plenty to teach the uneducated @TechEd_NA. I feel like Neo in The Matrix, seeing the world in code while everyone else is stuck to a screen. Tweetlation: Not only am la better coder than you, I'm cooler too! I'm so cool, I can even make pop culture references in real time. THE KNOW-IT-ALL DEVELOPER Tweet: Workshop in progress with my team @buildconf. Just finished my own code, now helping out two colleagues. Just call me #codemonkey Tweetlation: I'm both brilliant and generous. Just call me #codeGandhi THE EVENTAHOLIC Tweet: Meeting SO many interesting people at #LeWeb Tweetlation: Met one semi-interesting person, left in a hurry, now all alone. Maybe tweeting can help me get over my self-consciousness. THE NO-FRIENDS CONFERENCE ATTENDEE Tweet: Where's a good place to grab food around downtown San Fran? #tcdisrupt #goodeats #hungrytechie #hashtag Tweetlation: Really don't wanna eat alone and look like a loser. Anyone want to be my friend for the next hour? THE PRIMA DONNA Tweet: Tim Cook is far from the next Steve Jobs. He's stiff, not creative enough, and lacks Jobs' enigmatic personality. I could do way better Tweetlation: I just got turned down for a job at my local Apple store. THE HUMBLEBRAGGER Tweet: Ticket in hand for #Ted2012 but I don't think I'm going to go. Tweet at me for a free ticket! It's good to be CEO #thegoodlife Tweetlation: When I tell the world that l'm willing to give away my ticket to TED, I'll be admired. I'll be like the guy who rejected Angelina Jolie. TED THE SOCIAL MEDIA BUTTERFLY Tweet: At the @Mashable Media Summit today! Follow me on twitter, instagram, facebook, rebelmouse, storify and tumblr for updates! Yay #socialmedia Tweetlation: Better get some new followers fast, cuz the few that I do have are gonna be REALLY embarrassed if they realize l'm so desperate for more. THE COPYCAT Tweet: Ready to launch the beta of a new social network combining the simplicity of #tumblr with the addictiveness of #pinterest. Look out 2013! Tweetlation: I'm a jerk who doesn't realize that when two original ideas have sex, they create a child lacking originality whatsoever. THE WANNABE FOUNDER Tweet: @highlight is absolutely blowing up at @SXSW, but its interface is so bleh. Looks like a mediocre @foursquare clone #notafan Tweetlation: What a f#%$&^g bummer! My app works almost exactly like Highlight! Too bad it's only in the "wow-that's-the-idea-of-the-year" stage in my head. THE TECH NOO6 Tweet: Just because I majored in lit doesn't mean I don't know my way around the startup world. Tweetlation: Holy crap, everyone around me is a developer. The only thing l've ever developed is my self-consciousness. I wonder if I can turn this bug into a feature somehow. THE TECH JERK Tweet: Who am l? I'm the next #MarkZuckerberg. I'm the next #BillGates. I'm the next #SteveJobs. Better pay attention, because l'm here to stay. Tweetlation: Who am 1? A #totalloser From cond it, with love jing per Brought to you by @Sivanco, Conduit Ltd. O68257 4689 10079 Co

The Tech Industry's Most Obnoxious Tweeters

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The most obnoxious (and oftentimes annoying) Twitter users in the tech industry and what their tweets really mean.



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