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The State of Social Media Marketing

MSMS SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING Presented by the Editors of Socially Aware Blog COMPANIES ARE DEDICATING SIGNIFICANT RESOURCES TO SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING $7.52 BILLION 13.2% 66% 7: PLATFORMS U.S. spending on social media marketing in 2014. Marketing execs expect to dedicate 13.2% of their budgets to social media in 2015. 66% of North American B2C companies have a dedicated social media team. organizations report using an average of 7 social media platforms each. THE MOST POPULAR PLATFORMS AMONG B2C marketers5 B2B marketers® 967% 88% 77% 83% 55% 88% 55% 55% 53% 61% 49% 397% 42% 26% You Tube in PINTEREST IS EVEN MORE POPULAR WITH CERTAIN BUSINESSESS 90% of online specialty retailers in the United States use Pinterest. 84% of U.S. luxury brands use Pinterest for marketing purposes. BIG BRANDS THEIR SERVICES BY CREATING MOBILE APPS. ARE PROMOTING THEMSELVES, THEIR GOODS OR 89 of the BrandZ Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands in 2013 had already designed and launched at least one app. 42% of North American B2C content marketers say they are using mobile apps. More than 50% of companies surveyed plan to deploy 10 or more enterprise mobile apps by 2018. SMALL COMPANIES WHY NOT? HAVE BEEN SLOWER 50% of the small businesses without an app said it's because they don't know how to build one. TO EMBRACE MOBILE APPS. 45% said they haven't developed an app because they lack the time or money. Only 22% of U.S. small businesses have a mobile solution or app. 5% of companies attributed their lack of an app to concern over a mobile app's risks. WHILE MANY COMPANIES STILL BLOG, THE PRACTICE IS BECOMING LESS POPULAR. 67% of North American B2C companies are blogging these days, versus 72% last year. POPULAR ACCORDING TO ADWEEK, THE FOLLOWING BRANDS ARE AT THE TOP OF THE SOCIAL MEDIA GAME BRANDS Red Bull's Wells Fargo NBA Jetsetter #PutACanOnit Best on Twitter Lowe's Best user of a Un Illustre Inconnu Best on Linkedin Best on Pinterest hashtag Best on Vine GoPro & Еxpedia Best on Facebook СВС Best Customer Service Best on Instagram #NOTWEETLEFTBEHIND Approach to Social Engagement and ING Bank Orange Support DESPITE BRANDS' INCREASED USE OF SOCIAL MEDIA, ENGAGEMENT IS DECLINING The percentage of followers interacting with a brand on Instagram fell from 4.2% in 2014 to 2.2% in 2015. A Facebook is the exception; interaction with brands' fans increased from 0.07% On Pinterest, interactions fell from 0.1% to 0.04% from 2014 to 2015. to 0.2% from 2014 to 2015. WHEN CONSUMERS DO ENGAGE, BRANDS DON'T DO A PARTICULARLY GOOD JOB OF RESPONDING !! 9hrs 90% of enterprises use social media to respond to customer service inquiries - yet 58% of consumers who Research shows that 70% of the time that the bigest brands spend on Twitter consists of mere broadcasting without When companies do respond, the 83% of retailers are ignoring their customers' questions, average response times of brands on Twitter to user comments or complaints is nine hours." while the rest are making people wait an average of 12 hours to get a response. 1 have tweeted about a bad experience never received a response from the offending company." engagement." SOCIAL MEDIA AD SPENDING US. B2B marketers alone are projected to spend more than $100 billion on social media advertising by 2017.1 $16.10 billion on social network advertising (over 45% increase from 2013) $173.7 B Digital Marketing TV Advertisinge $137.53 B Digital Marketing" Researchers expect the amount marketers spend on digital advertising to catch up to the amount they spend on television advertising by 2018.10 $100 B Social Media 2014 2014 2017 2018 E THE CHALLENGE E LINKING SOCIAL MEDIA CAMPAIGNS TO SALES/ CLIENTS/REVENUE INTERPRETING AND ACTING ON THE DATA GENERATED BY THEIR SOCIAL MEDIA CAMPAIGNS Nearly half of top marketers have been unable to demonstrate social media spending's effect on their businesses." Only 15% of marketing officers have been able to demonstrate social media's quantitative effect on their businesses.1 Only 41% of organizations agree that their company is fully capitalizing on the data that social media provides. 60% of social media practitioners cite "measuring Ror" as one of the top three most challenging aspects of their social media campaigns." 50% of social media practitioners identify "tying social activities to business outcomes" as one of the top three most challenging aspects of their social media campaigns. a EVIDENCE THAT SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING DOES WORK'" 剂 2 For online merchants, 54% of B2B marketers have generated leads from social media. When people follow a brand on Twitter, 72% are more likely to make a future purchase from that brand. the average order value influenced by social media in 2014 was $143.46. Courtesy of Socially Aware, the social media law update. Our blog is located at You can also follow us on Twitter @MoFoSocMedia. For a free subscription to our newsletter, please visit Thanks to John Delaney, Janine Sagar and Eunice Lee for their work creating this infographic. The information provided herein does not aconstitute legal advice, and should not be acted upon; always obtain specific legal advice based on particular situations. The views expressed herein shall not be attributed to Morrison & Foerster, its attomeys or clients. Sources: 1. http://wwww.statistacom/statisties/259379/soeialmedia-platformo-nsed-by-marleters-world wide 2. http://www.foeb scom/si tea/ehristinemoorman/2014/09/03/tweet-this-social-media-important-to-compasy-performance-bat-difficult-to prowe/ 3. http: 4 htpJeoetetrket a ontenya pload/2014/10/2015_B2C_Reareh pd 70-marketers-wils pendm ore social-media-ade-year-162291 5. htp:/wwsoci alm Media Marlet ngladastrykeport2015 paf 6. http://ww.gogalf ae/blog/basi nesa e-social-media/ 7. ttp://obi lemarketingmagam reta-of mesee-for-branded-apps/en20TI8CGYwrSCJk 99 8. htp:/ newenterprise-mobility studyre 9. nes pesr-Join-Mobile-World/1012237esthash jkgM99X.dpuf 10. ding/check-ont-2015s-shortyaward-win ners-bestse-social-med ia-appa-amd-video-163627 11. htp:// /emo/2014/09 /03/social-media spendingiron the rise-but-im paetie-bard-to-masme/ 12. http://gt ocialIMarketi ng TrendsReportTru stRadins paf 13. http://blog ploads/2014/10/Social-Busi ness-Benchm ark.jpg 14. htp://ortume.0om/2015/08/25/social-med ia-brande-ignore/ 15. htp://ww.iroap /webin tel/artieles/soci al-mediaarketingstatisties-2015/e.VAE6F018 16. http://vetrebeat. com/2015/11/04/810rdalersillab-you-on-soci al-media-reportsays/ 17. /Arti ele /Digital-Ad-Spending-Worldwide-Hir-3613 753-Bliom-2014/1010736 18. php viewallkoategory marketi ngspend 19. http://ww.digitalstrategyoon ligenee/2014/05/gobal_ad_trends_digital_to_s00omfor_third_of_reveane_by_2018.php dyrereale-it stroggles-ddiver-strong-demam deixmde1MUVI9w MORRISON ©2015 Morrison & Foerster LLP FOERSTER

The State of Social Media Marketing

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Social media have emerged as one of the most chosen branding tools for all brands – whether it is B2C or B2B corporates. Morrison Forester has presented an insightful infographic for all social medi...


Social Media
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