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The State of Social Media 2012

-THE STATE OF- 2012 "What was once considered a trend has become a way of life--and now the way we do business." JANUARY Anonymous attacks SOPA supporters with LOIC (Low Orbit Ion Cannon). This was their largest attack, with over 5,635 participants. Many were identified by their IP address and arrested. 1 Pinterest named Best President Obama holds first New Startup of 2011 all-virtual interview with U.S. facebook. citizens using G+ Hangouts Linked in 2011 You Tube Google It referred more business than LinkedIn, Youtube, and Google + Facebook Timeline was integrated with most of its user's profiles after its launch at the end of 2011 FEBRUARY People's Republic of China takes advantage of lax G+ censorship and begin posting off-topic comments on Barack Obama's official election campaign pages Barack Obama - Todd Wasserman of Mashable finds that the average person spends 3-3 minutes on G+ compared to 7.5 hours on Facebook per month ORAMASBIDEN MARCH ( Facebook launched Messenger for Windows, giving Windows 7 users access to feature without having to use a browser KONY = 2012 87,000,00Y VIEWS i Windows 7 Kony 2012 is released and receives over 87 million online views. Stirs controversy over whether or not Uganda's warlord is even still alive. APRIL KONY 2012 ( Kony 2012 follow-up video is released and receives half a million views on Youtube within a week. Insta Round 2 TIME Facebook Google+ shuts down its popular photo editing site, Picnik begins syncing email addresses and Timeline - Under New Mgmt. by - picnik facebook. Facebook buys Instagram for $1 billion Time Magazine names Anonymous Group 'Most Influential Person' * See ya. MAY Facebook IPO: opens at $38/share facebook. CAIPOTA Is now friends with NASDAQ 1 Jim Spinello of rEvolution predicts that all companies will finally go social ICAN O Card. THE FUTURE ( Social apps banking will continue to grow in the mobile world, the SoMoClo (Social Media Cloud) will be unstoppable and change how we do business ( MayanSpace: a social calendaring site that ends the world. "Connect, before it's too late" Google- 2012 SOURCES PRODUCED BY: http://en.wiktipedia.arg/wik/Pinterest http://en.wikipedia.arg/wiki/GooglexaB dier dovwnbutlreimpactremains/20sa/04/1a/alQAEAPuCT_bloghtml hittp//technologiner.cem/2012/a1/20/life-is-not-a pienik google-eloses-te-coel phato-editing service/ html bttp:// ef-social-media-38-erperts-share-their-predietions-for-2012-os74 http://en.wikipedia.arg/wik/Tile.Maya-Markejpg http//en.wikipedia.Org/wiki/Mayan_calendar Mayan Mask Photograph by Woligang Sauber, B2008 8 The SEO Company NOWSOURCING

The State of Social Media 2012

shared by NowSourcing on May 21
A look at the state of social media 2012 - where's this crazy social thing going?





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