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The State of Social Media

THE STATE MEDIA OF SOCIAL The Rise of Urban Cloud The Solution: Urban Cloud A well-designed, secure, It has been two decades since the emergence of the first social media networks. Today, social media is an important part of our dailý lives, helping us connect meaningfully with friends, colleagues, brands, news, and more. But there is still a lot social media isn't doing. authentic network dedicated to social commerce is needed. Native advertising A social model for commerce: individuals only: no irrelevant ads, just connection- based communication Here is an inside and brands can make look at the social media money while they network landscape: innovations, problems, demographics, 66% what's missing, and what A peer-to-peer point Peer verification gives credibility and visibility to real, active users and companies: fake accounts fade into the background. This creates a trustworthy, brand-friendly network comes next. Points reward system promotes interaction providing The Landscape popular, credible content over spam, prioritizing user preference. As items grow in popularity, they gain exposure The social media landscape is full of fun, popular platforms but none of them provide a secure, enjoyable interface for social commerce-one that respects user preferences and privacy, and that discourages fake profiles and the buying and selling of social capital. a one-to-one Facebook Personal social media use trumps correlation between activity and professional. When social media is used professionally, it's used primarily for social networking, not for commerce. network clout 62% Urban Cloud is this network. LinkedIn 39% 51% 3 The Problems LinkedIn Skype 30% 25% 15% Facebook, Twitter and other networks have rampant systemic problems including fake user profiles that undercut credibility, negatively impact user experience, and create unreliable platforms for brands. 37% 31% Wikis believe social tools 31% YouTube want better want better should be better at engagement collaboration Skype helping companies attract new customers Right now you 22% aren't rewarded for 10% socialising. That needs to change. Microblogging Internal Social Networking in What's Missing? Creating fake Twitter accounts is a business: Traditional networks rely on the size of Trust and Facebook Today's social Traditional Personal Use Professional Use has more privacy have been networks are advertising companies buy and sell followers to promote brands, filling the space with advertising that doesn't meet cookie cutters: familiar design and presentation of Social Media of Social Media than dilutes violated 83 million their user base 2х on the big networks good, authentic content illegitimate but not their accounts stifles innovation preferences for and customization information Twice as many managers are using social media compared with the employees they manage (employees are not allowed to engage at work.) This could change if the social network was user needs People love social media and they love to use it for commerce: 76% 65% 41% of people report positive feelings after participating in social media already use social media to learn more about brands/ products/services believe their company should be doing more to become a social enterprise SOURCES: The Social Media Report (Nielsen, 2012) | Internet and American Life Project: Omnibus Survey (Pew Research Center, 2012) | Form 10-Q: Facebook, Inc. (United States Security and Exchange Commission, 2012) | Facebook Has More than 83 Million Illegitimate Accounts, by Rory Cellan-Jones (BBC, 2012) | Twitter Has a Big Problem with Fake User Accounts, by Julie Bort (Business Insider, 2012) also a site for commerce UrbanCloud

The State of Social Media

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This infographic shows the current social media landscape, the flaws associated with existing platforms and the solution, Urban Cloud. For more information visit our website at: http://www.urbanclo...



Social Media
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