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The State of Infographics

THE STATE OF INFOGRAPHICS THE RISE OF A REVOLUTIONARY MARKETING TOOL HOW DO INFOGRAPHICS IMPACT SOCIAL NETWORKS? TRADITIONAL POSTS VS. INFOGRAPHIC POSTS O traditional posts O infographic posts Twitter tweets 15 An infographic has the potential to reach up to Linkedin 300 600 MILLION PEOPLE shares Stumbleupon pageviews TRENDS IN INFOGRAPHICS Google ranks trends from 0-100 giving a number to a keyword based on how often it is searched com- pared to other keywords. KEYWORD "INFOGRAPHIC" GLOBAL RANKS [top 6] maximum rank "country icons not to scale PER YEAR 100 60 South Africa New Zealand Netherlands 56 50 41 38 US Philippines India 50 RANK BY CITY [top 6] Singapore Bangalore San Francisco 100 Sydney Chicago Belbourne Some of the most viewed, liked and commented on infographics in recent history VIEW, LIKE, COMMENT MOST MOST MOST BASED ON DATA FROM VISUAL.LY VIEWS LIKES COMMENTS 238 WHAT ARE THE ODDS? 2 MILLION Attempt to quantify the probability that you came about to exist as you are today. 243 HOW MUCH CAN YOU TRUST A BEARDED MAN? Chart of beard types in relation to trustworthiness. SHOULD I TEXT HIM? A flowchart with tips for helping to navigate relationships. EVOLUTION OF THE GEEK Geeks have evolved from super nerd to super chic. WHY STARTUPS FAIL Startup Genome project analyzed data and came up with some answers. THE WORK WE DO TO PAY TAXES How much do we work for "the man" on any given day? HEADACHE: EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW Different types of headaches, causes and treatments. FORMAL DINING SETTING What you need to know for your fancy dinner party. WE ALL WANT TO BE YOUNG The power of today's youth came directly from those before them. KITCHEN CHEAT SHEET All the interesting info you need when cooking. ADVERTISING VS. REALITY Fast food items were purchased, taken home and photographed immediately TOPIC TRENDS BASED ON DATA FROM VISUAL.LY Number of infographics per category out of 25,927 O 1% of all infographics *rounded to the nearest 1/2 of a percent -------- - - CATEGORY AMOUNT 12.7%, 329 3.289 1,003 1,885 1,809 1,136 882 852 ANIMALS 140 435 1,470 331 BUSINESS COMPUTERS HUMAN RIGHTS HUMOR ECONOMY LIFESTYLE EDUCATION LOVE & SEX ENTERTAINMENT ENVIRONMENT OLYMPICS 185 911 1,096 456 2,348 962 2,597 795 566 OTHER FOOD POLITICS GAMING 246 356 1,752 112 205 363 SCIENCE GEOGRAPHY HEALTH HISTORY SOCIAL MEDIA SPORTS TECHNOLOGY HOME TRANSPORTATION HOW TO TRAVEL Sources: PRESENTED BY DEVELOPED BY NOWSOURCING 2009 2010 2011 2012

The State of Infographics

shared by NowSourcing on Jan 07
An infographic about infographics. This IG provides a deeper look in the rise of the revolutionary marketing tool.


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