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2014 State of Digital Marketing We Surveyed 500+ Marketers about their top digital goals and challenges Here's what's working. what's not. and what they're planning for 2014 Top Objectives II B2B B2C 41% 40% 27% 27% #1 #1 Generate Drive Sales #2 Leads #2 Drive Sales Improve Awareness 17% 18% #3 #3 Improve Generate Awareness Leads Where are the Marketers Investing Now? Digital Marketing gets buzz, but only a quater of the budget. 25%• %24 Spent Online Budget 75% Spent Offline 50% 63% More Outsource Plan to Spend On Content Search Marketing 2013 2014 II B2B B2C 075% 1 in 5 l in 3 Plan to Spend More on Mobile have Generated Revenue from Social Media Top Challenges II B2B B2C 21% 25% 19% 22% #1 #1 18% Generating Enough Leads Measuring ROI 14% #2 #2 #3 Producing enough Quality Converting #3 Leads to Converting Leads to Customers Intregating Content Customers Content across Channels Marketing ROI Remains Elusive Regardsless of Channel Marketers Still Struggle to Measure ROI. SEO 17% - 83% SEM 29% - 71% Display 16% - 84% Social 12% - 88% Email 36% - 64% | Clear ROI Unclear ROI 33% 26% don't Know VWhich Channel Generates the most revenue don't Know Which Channel Deliver the Best leads Marketers Most Hated Buzz Words Drop These From Your Vocab Best- in-Class Synergy Thought Leadership ROI Viral KPI 2014 Priorities 47% 46% 29% Driving Increased Increasing & Improving Collecting, Measuring & using Behavior based Data Conversion Rates Brand Awareness 98% of Marketers Plan to Increase or Maintain their Spend in 2014 Top 5 Areas for Increased Spending: ol. 61% 60% 58% 57% 57% Data & Analytics Marketing Automation Email Social Media Content marketing Marketing Management 65% of Marketers Said Driving Subcriber Engagementis their Primary Lifecycle Challenge 68% of Marketers Believe 46% of marketers Believe 80% of Marketers Using Mobile Believe Email is core to their Business Social is Core to their Business Mobile Efforts do or will Provide ROI 49% are Sending More Than 500,00O Emails annually 30% are Using Location- based Functionality 86% Believe Social Efforts will or do Provide ROI 42% Rarely / Never Use Responsive Design 57% Have a 47% have an Dedicated Social Team Mobile App for them Trend in the Market Emails with Social Sharing Buttons Increase click through rates by 158% •50% Content Nearly of companies have Content Marketing Strategies. Email Social Marketing budgets will Double of B2B over the Next 5years Content Marketers SEO Consider Event Marketing the most Effective Stategy. 33% of Traffic From Geogle's Organic Search results go to the 1st Item Listed | [email protected] E 1-855-769-6960 e Stan Ventures spirit of excellence Social Media Events


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A survey was taken on 500+ marketers about their goals and expectations on digital marketing. Here is what is working and what is not. As far as B2B is concerned, the main things focused are lead gene...




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