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Sponsored Content Best Practices

Tab0ola Cotent Youay Lke SPONSORED CONTENT DOS DONTS BEST PRACTICES HOW TO SET UP YOUR CAMPAIGN FOR SUCCESS TECHNICAL REQUIREMENTS 400 px minimum Image Size: At least 400x300 pixels Under 75 KB (IPG preferred) 75 kb max Jpg preferred 300 px minimum Title Length: 35-45 characters is ideal, 60 is the maximum. Please note: Longer 34-45 characters 60 maximum headlines may get cut off in some widgets. 7 Exercises That Will Transform Your Body Time o 5-25 characters IMAGE BEST PRACTICES People are always preferable. Even better if they re at a medium zoom (shoulders up) or closer. Use celebrity images wherever possible if relevant to content and when proper Celeb Photo Here rights are secured, (X) Avoid image clutter. Avoid ClipArt, brand logos, and default images. X) Utilize eye-catching colors to attract the users' attention. TITLE BEST PRACTICES The Zombie Apocalypse is Nigh According to New Research Front-load titles with an eye- New Research Suggests catching main point. That the Zombie Apocalypse is Nigh 4 Fa You Should are always clicka A Uset Guide to Managing About Your Mortgage if your content has one, don't Your Mortgage forget to mention it. The Real Secret to Intrigue and mystery can help draw in users. Study Shows More Sleep will Make You Happier Happiness May Surprise You Over Time Aa Don't forget that titles should be capitalized, just as you would an article 5 Reasons Dolphins Could Could it be that dolphins are Secretly Be Aliens possibly aliens from outer headline. space? TIPS AND TRICKS YOU MAY LIKE Test multiple title variations and images per URL, to see what works best for your co ntent. Make sure your title and image reflect the content the user arrives at A/B post-click. This will ensure every click you get is a quality dick. Try to set up user expectatio n. For example: If you're promoting a video, try using the word "Watch." This may reduce your click thro ugh rate, but potentially increase engagement. Use your titles and images to attract your target audience: "Foodies Will Love This New Product," "4 Great Tools for Single Mothers," etc. This will help you ensure that you're attracting exactly the audience that is right for you. Your optimal CPc depends on a Ask your Taboola Account Manager about advanced targeting capabilities, such as: number of factors: • Campaign duration • Estimated CTR: High CTR would require O00 DMA targeting • Displaying only during specifictimes Targeting specific devices Retargeting campaigns And much, much more lower bids, and vice versa • Specifictargeting • Desired scale of campaign QUICK START GUIDE: Click here for our online FAQS. Getting set up with Taboola is easy. Once the campaign is live, our advanced algo rithms will surface your best performing content to the right users. Click here to see a video demo of Taboola's You can either upload your first campaign into our dashboard via our self-service platform, or simply create a 3-column Excel sheet with the URLS, images and headline copy. self-service platform. | 28 W 23rd St., 5th Floor, New York, NY I Tel: 212.206.7663 Tab0ola Ierler a. Vbr.

Sponsored Content Best Practices

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Creating engaging content in today's online world composed of millions of campaigns and branded messages can be quite a challenge. Just how do you stand out from the crowd and capture your audience? ...


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