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The Speed of Social Media

The speed of social media Every second.. 2,200 tweets are posted 580 users update their Facebook status 24 minutes of video is uploaded to YouTube в $20 is spent on virtual goods in Social Gaming facebook If you printed each of these Tweets in 12 point Helvetica font and Jir witw Iewiretw citwettwitti ewirecwitcecietitwiretwitwetu twittiewewettiewritetieru iretwitwettiewritetitwiret laid them end to end, tetietitu ewettiewr urib icetwitwettitwriteti the resulting stream of text would travel at 1,200 mph Usain Bolt 29.2mph. Cheetah 70mph Bugatti Veyron 254mph Facebook Updates 360mph Lockheed F-117 600mph Tweets 1200mph If you saw every update posted, you would have to read... 3.7 million words per minute twitter 1 million words per minute facebook To watch all of the video uploaded onE YouTube 1,440 you would need videos continUously screens playing If these were 32" flatscreen TVs, you could cover the face of a 30 story office building If you received all of the money from microtransactions in Social Gaming, you could buy... A new Bugatti Veyron every day A new $140,000 house every 2 hours A 58" plasma screen TV every minute Adoption rates of new social networks is accelerating: It took Linkedln 3.5 years to reach 10 million users The same feat took Twitter just over 3 years It took Facebook 2.5 years Google+ did it in just 2 weeks in 42 40 twitter 35 30 8+ | 0.5 (in months) The reach of social networks is spreading faster than any infectious disease in the history of mankind: The Black Death killed 25 million people in 5 years, from 1347 to 1352. From 2005-2010, Facebook gained over 500 million users, more than the entire world population at the time of the Black Death. WhiteFireSEO Graphic by

The Speed of Social Media

shared by mmonsen7 on Jul 25
Since the launch of Google+ and their incredible ascent into the social networking elite, I have been intrigued by the increasing speed of social media. This infographic is a brief foray into the stag...


Social Media
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