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Sopa: The Internet Blacklist Bill

SOPA: THE INTERNET BLACKLIST BILL A new bill will allow the US WEBSITE BLOCKED Government to Pysart to R 3261 COPA wethe us been blocked to persens in the Unted States block Americans Ane atn from visiting websites HOW DOES THE BLOCKING WORK? DNS BLOCKING The same website censorship method used by CHINA, IRAN, AND SYRIA DNS BLOCKING The US sets precedents for Internet law around the globe which means censorship could become the new standard. WHEN DOES A SITE GET BLOCKED? "One of my users posted that. Help!" "You didn't "This page has infringing do enough to stop it" links. This is a rogue website." A few infringing links are enough to block a site full of legal material, and sites become liable for user-posted content. A WEBSITE OPERATOR COULD FACE US WEB TRAFFIC SEARCH TRAFFIC AD-REVENUE As a result WHAT SITES ARE AT GREATEST RISK? Anywhere people are expressing themselves or finding content: social networks, hosting sites, personal pages. Sites' self-censorship increases dramatically. Fewer startups launch, due to riskier legal climate. v f 4 & b y ởt Before SOPA Self Censorship if the bill passes SAter soP Today's Self-Censorship Self-Censorship on websites New startups being launched HOW DOES THIS AFFECT: ANY AMERICAN USER ANTI-CENSORSHIP INITIATIVES O Sites you visit daily could be blocked • TOR website Email providers may be forced to censor certain links you send or receive · Alternate DNS • Tools used by democracy activists in China and Iran will be blocked in the US 20 The links and content you share on social networks will be carefully monitored and possibly censored "No doubt they'll accidentally remove legitimate links, when looking for infringing links COULD THIS POSSIBLY BECOME THE LAW? Yes. The following two bills have a lot of support in congress, thanks to numerous lobbies. PRMA SENATE: PROTECT IP ACT CO-SPONSORS: 21 2d 16 Bill sponsor PATRICK LEAHY HOUSE: STOP ONLINE PIRACY ACT CO-SPONSORS: <- Bill Sponsor 2.22282 7 3AL 16 LAMAR SMITH Our basic internet freedoms are on the chopping block - it's time to tell your congress person that American Censorship isn't OK. TAKE ACTION: Designed by Ivan Tolmachev -

Sopa: The Internet Blacklist Bill

shared by rmmojado on Jan 24
If this law passes, you'll wake up to find sites you love blocked by the US government. Tell Congress to vote "no" on SOPA.


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