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SoLoMo Stats No Business Can Afford to Ignore [INFOGRAPHIC]

SOCIAL + LOCAL + MOBILE = SOLOMO MARKETING SOLOMO MARKETING IS THE NEXT FRONTIER IN THE FIGHT FOR CUSTOMERS. BUT DO THE NUMBERS ADD UP? O SMARTPHONES AND SOCIAL NETWORKS Smartphone owners are equally split between men and women. OTHER 18-34 44% 50-65 39% 30% 35-49 30% 45% 55% Women, however, are more active on social networks. 44% of mobile subscribers own a smartphone Smartphone power user groups by age 85% 9.3 8.5 of purchases and purchase influences are made by women 85% 6.9 50% of products marketed to men are actually purchased by women New study finds Pinterest users follow an average of 9.3 retailers; 8.5 by Twitter users; and only 6.9 by Facebook users. 85% of Pinterest users are women. Is Pinterest an untapped market for your business? 75% of women identify themselves as the primary household shopper O Smartphone app usage among all adults peaks at 5pm Takeaway: Are you really marketing to your true customer? Do you make it easy for her (or him)? O SOLOMO ON THE GO 20% of Google searches involve location information. It is so important to have a good search ranking, not only for your primary keywords, but also for location searches. Many businesses optimize their search placement for keywords and ignore location. If you're a brick and mortar business, that's a mistake! LOCATION IS THE NEWEST MOST IMPORTANT PART OF SEO 18% 18% of Smartphone Users have used Location Based Services to find a retail location. 33% 33% of Smartphone Users find ads with custom information based on location to be helpful. $ KA-CHING! SOLOMO MONEY Trend Alert Trend Alert The next big thing in SoLoMo is loyalty programs via Smartphones. People are tired of carrying around 50 different cards on their keyring. There are currently apps, such as Key Ring, but most retail outlets are not prepared to scan the barcode on the phone, rendering such apps less useful. Smartphone payments are the next wave of point-of-purchase tech- nology. The holdup is that there are current The "mobile influence factor" (effect of smartphones on in-store sales) on 19% retail purchases will increase to $689 billion (19% of total store sales) by 2016. so different many for systems phone payments. The industry is going to have to come together with consensus to make it easy for consumers before adoption is wide- spread. smart- 38% of mobile phone-owning shoppers use their mobile phones to compare prices. 9 10 mobile searches lead to action, over half leading to purchase. out of 70% of all mobile searches result in action within 1 hour AND 70% of online searches result in action in one month. 27% & 2% would use their smartphones to make payments at retail locations if they could. of men of women SOCIAL SENTIMENT IN A LOCAL SETTING How do you listen to the word on the street about your business? Yelp, UrbanSpoon, and other review sites give you some info, but not all. There's a lot of "sentiment" about your business being shared on social networks that you might not be monitoring. If your sentiment monitoring doesn't involve location-based keywords in addition to your other keywords, you're probably missing something. According to a recent study by Venuelabs, businesses are missing 70% of local content on sites like Twitter and Pinterest because they don't have location-based sentiment monitoring set up. Website infrastructure has a lot to do with word-of-mouth-via-smartphones, too: 57% of consumers will not recommend a business with a poorly designed mobile site. Similarly, 40% of consumers will go to a competitor's site after a bad mobile experience. In a recent poll of nearly 100 Venuelabs customers, more than 90% of those brands reported not previously being aware of location-based sites and not properly monitoring those sites. SOLOMO MULTIPLIER EFFECT CRESTMEDIA The numbers add up to make SoLoMo the next must-do marketing initiative for your business. Are you ready to synergize your traditional, digital, and mobile efforts to bring more dollars in your door? Give us a call today: 626.400.6238 INTERNET MARK ETING SOURCES:

SoLoMo Stats No Business Can Afford to Ignore [INFOGRAPHIC]

shared by CrestMediaInc on Jul 27
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Our internet marketing agency shares an infographic containing stats on SoLoMo, or the combination of social media, local optimization and mobile development.


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