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The Social Wisdom of Wired Women Around the World

The Social Wisdom of Wired Women Around the World Ocomplicated MSLGROUP KEY LEARNINGS FROM AN ORIGINAL RESEARCH STUDY BY MSLGROUP AND DOT COMPLICATED. Ways wired women benefit from their social media connections: SOCIALLY EMOTIONALLY ECONOMICALLY They are more in control They have the opportunity to tap into the collective intelligence They are transforming the shopping experience around the world. of their lives. of other wired women around the world. 19%% 57% 520/ S2% go online to compare prices for a product or service. of women turn first to the of women agree that of women believe technology has had a positive impact on their family. Internet for information. technology has made their lives more manageable. Better Doesn't Mean Less Complicated: 5% believe technology has made their lives more complicated. 15% And 15% admit they spend so much time on the Internet that they sometimes have to disconnect from the Internet and all technology devices. Where social media has drawn new lines in their relationships: However in China, 41% AT WORK: of wired women are connected with colleagues from work in social media (not including LinkedIn). 21% But, only 21% are connected 53% (19% of wired women are with their bosses. connected with their bosses. Only 34% of wired women share AMONG COUPLES: 34% 28% Even fewer (28%) share social media log-ins. 19% U.K. wired women are much more protective of their privacy, as only 19% share social media passwords. passwords to an email with a spouse or a significant other. IN THE BEDROOM: of wired women in Brazil are frustrated by their significant other using a of women in China would give up sex for a 45% month instead of their mobile phone. 20% tablet/ computer or smartphone in bed. The average age wired women believe children Brazil, AGE11 U.K., AGE 12 U.S. AGE 13 China, AGE 14 WITH THEIR should get a cell phone varies by country: CHILDREN: (28% 42% Percent of wired women who use social media 11%0 18% to monitor their child's online activities: Where they most rely on mobile devices: Comparatively, only 28% AND 27% Wired women in China are far more accepting of mobile devices and tablets as paths to purchase than wired women in Brazil, the of wired women in TOAA China had made an online purchase on a smartphone. Had made a purchase 65% on a tablet in the last 30 days. IN respectively of wired women surveyed worldwide had done the same. U.K. and U.S. Ownership of China tablets with Ownership of China Smartphones: United Kingdom 61% 91% United Kingdom 39% 70% Internet United States 38% United States 59% access: 28% 57% Brazil Brazil Family members posting People saying negative Their common frustrations with social media: Texting while driving. inappropriate things online. things about them online. BRAZIL 42% 1 U.K. 35% LS 35% CHINA 16% BRAZIL 47% CHINA 20% UK 17% 15% BRAZIL 39% CHINA 27% UK 19% U.S. 10% Their social media sharing is fueling a global marketplace: Wired women around the 2X (76%) world turn to social and 56% 11I Digital and social media are used 40% NATA digital media as a preferred most as a source of information for household furnishings and appliances, financial services, home electronics, sporting goods, toys and games and automobiles. source of information about Rely on influencers such purchasing goods and services at nearly double the rate of traditional as friends family, store employees, health professionals, etc. Rely on digital Rely on traditional media. and social, media. MSLGROUP and Det Complicated conducted 3,600 online interviews acress the U.S., U.K., Brazil and China (900 in each market) of women who are between the ages of 18 and 64 and Luse the Internet at least two hours perweek for personal/ leisure activities. Wired Women Experts: @complicated MSLGROUP Stary Martinet is Ihe Chief Marketing Officer 'ar Mashable, leading integrated marketing ard communications includling krand, 5ocial Rand 7uckarherg is the fnunderand CEO of Zuccerberg Media. a digital anc tradilional media ard productioni cOTi pariy, and Edilar-ir-Chief of Dat Complicate:d, a newsletter and website helping people naviçate and "un:angle' Randi Zuckerberg media, corporate zarnrriuncations, external zffairs and the company's events busi ress. Stey sits ori Meshable's Operalinıg Commiltee which CEO, Zuckerberg Media Stacy Martinet directs the company's srategy, planning and operations. Sha joined the compary in 2010 to grow Mashable into a global media company. Editor-in-Chief, Dot Complicated Chief Marketing Offeer, Author their wired, worderful lives. Mashable Stacy also leads Mashable's corporate essonsibility initiatives which include the Sacial Goac Surrmit and its global rnovernent. In partnership wr:h the UN Foundatior and Gates Fondation, :he Social As an early execu:ive at Faceboo<, Randi Good Surrirnit has branched out to be zn ongoirg moverriern. that has hed the parlicioation of 100 countries erou nd the world and received crealed and ran the sacial media piorneer's marketing pregrarms. participation from global leacars and policy makers. Randi is Ihe auther of Dot Cormplicated: Liniangling Our Wired Lives an:d a children's book, Cot. Ste tas spent her career at the intersec lion of rmedia, brands and social media. Beforejoining Mashable, Stacy spent nearly a decale in carpcrate corrimunications and digilal markeling at The New Yerk Times. While at I he limes, she was recognized with the company's Mashable Chairman's Award. Dof AllThnts harw nn tr Web dot Randl's books are avallable at In 2012, Stacy was named the younges: membe of PR Week's 40 Uncder 40 list. She occasionally writes for Mashable and has contr buled to The New Yok Tirres and Cosnopoli:an Magazine. She sits on the board of cirectors of New York Women in Communications ard Flanl-A-Fish, anocearographic and erological health riar-prafit. Ocomplicated bit.lvido.bopk Stephanie Agresta is the senior-riost rarıkirig digital executive at Stephanie Agresta MSLGROUP, the 4th largest PR firm in the world. PRWeek recently named her !6 arriong dgilal creators, innavatars and strategists in public relatons and BusinessInsider cited her as one of the :op 25 In 2013, she developed iew MSLGROLPafferings including: IMPzct IRM (Influencer Relationship Manaçement) and Boost (a pal:d medla alid b'arided coiulenl sululiuri). Global Director of Social Media & Digital HELGROUP actvertising execu:Ives on Twitter In2010, she was naried to PRWeek's "40undei 40'roster. Her first book, Persppertives on Social Medic Marketing, co-authored with B. Bonin Boughof Mondelez, was A long-li Tie leader al the SXSW Interactive festival, Stephane lai nched the "3loggers Lounge" in 2008, a relworking hub 'or digital releasedin etoher 2010. rriedia inlluencers at the SXSW canf:renice. She contirues to manape the lourige with her co-Fost Brian Selis. Stephanie has delivered on thought leaclership and client excellence irn digital for almast 20 years. Over the coLrse of her career, she has been recognized as a hands-on counselorinstrumentel ir developing digital andd soc al mella Intlatives tor major brands Such as P&G, Pay Pal, Sansı. ng, Pepsica and Miciosoft. Prior lo join ng MSLGROUP, Stephanie was the EVP, Managing Director of Social Media, Weber Shardwict. She also served as EVP, Digital Strategy and Social Media for Porter Novellibelore that. She begari her career with, ane of the first sites ta build an on.Ine community. At a plvota. time In theIndustry's evoluticn, As MSI GROUP's Glohal Director of Sorial Meclia and Digital, Stephanie is base:d in Narth A rierica ard works in partnership with leaders arounc the global network cn vision, strategy and talent in suaport of the a Responsible for secu ring best-of breed employeesand ceveloping Innovative products and services, Stephanle is leading transtormative develapment of the practice. Slephanie dsoseved in business develuprrienlroles al Earnes &, ard Register.corr. O MSLGROUP agency'sglebal Icbal serial rredia and digital affering Slephanie is a popular speaker at conferenices and serves on the Board of Directors of the Social Media Advert sing Consortium (SMAC). Who are the Wired Women Online: Most are employed. They are Millennials, Gen Xers and Baby Boomers. They are well-educated, with the largest percentage holding a four-vear degree. They are likely to be a homeowner and They dre prolific consurmers. married or partnered. Nearly 50% spent at least two hours a day online. Social Media has Become a Central Force in Their Lives. IN THE LAST 30 DAYS: looked at clathes from an online retailer; have read an emal. 51% made a purchase. 97% 79% read about current events on a news website. made a comment on an online site. 88% 71% sedrched for informalion aboul a producl ur service. searched for discounts. 88% 70% Tlade arecomnendalion lu frierds or femily abuul a product/servikce orwebsite they are using. compared prices of a product or service. 82% 59% viewed a cormrrenl, piclure ur videc a friend/lamily member posted online. used their cell phone to make a purchase online. 81% 39% MS.GROUP and Dot Complicated condcted 3,500 onine interviews scross the U.S., U.K., Brazl. and Crina(90) In sach marketi of women who are betweentreagesof 10 and 54 anc use the Intemetat Least wo hous parweek for personallebure actvbes.

The Social Wisdom of Wired Women Around the World

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Wired women online are an emerging power force around the world. In this large original research initiative, MSLGROUP and Dot Complicated explore the commonalities and differences in the social, emoti...






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