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Social vs Search

by: @MDGadvertising VS SOCIAL SEARCH Social media and search marketing are becoming increasingly intertwined. Today, it's more important than ever for marketers to employ both. How do they compare? We let the two battle head to head and show how each stacks up- and what can happen if they work together. HOW THEY W EIGH IN FOR LEAD GENERATION For many businesses, lead generation is a top goal of digital marketing initiatives. According to a survey of more than 500 marketing professionals at B2B and B2C companies, search marketing is more effective at generating leads than social media. Which makes the biggest impact on your lead generation goals? B2C B2B 17.9% 24.8% 41% SEO 24.8% 57.4% PPC 34.2% Social media marketing THE WMINNER SEARCH FOR BRAND AWARENESS Looking at the top benefits of both marketing channels, marketers cite increased traffic as the top objective of SEO efforts. Greater brand exposure and awareness are the top benefits of social media marketing, according to marketing professionals. Top Benefits of Social Media Marketing Top Objectives of Search Engine Marketing (Exclusively SEO) 1) Generate brand exposure 2) Increase traffic and subscribers 3) Improve search rankings 1) Increase website traffic 2) Increase lead generation 3) Generate brand awareness According to Social Media Examiner According to MarketingSherpa ΤΗE Ι N NΞR SOCIAL MEDIA FOR LOCAL BUSINESS VISIBILITY When consumers are looking for local businesses, they rely on search engines over social media sites by a wide margin, according to the Pew Internet & American Life Project. Search trumps social for finding local restaurants, bars, and most other businesses. ----- ----- Ways Consumers Find Local Restaurants, Bars, and Clubs Ways Consumers Find Other Local Businesses 17% 16% 38% 3% 36% 1% Rely on search Rely on specialty websites Rely on Rely on specialty websites social media sites Rely on search engines Rely on social media sites engines THE W INNER SEARCH FOR INTERACTIVITY Social media marketing trumps SEO and paid search when it comes to interactivity. More marketers report using social media as an interactive marketing tool than those who use search, according to a survey of more than 600 marketers by Chief Marketer. What types of interactive marketing do you use? Social Media 65% Search Engine Optimization 54% Paid Search З4% * Figures represent percentage of respondents who use each option for interactive marketing. THE MINN ER SOCIAL MEDIA THE POWER OF BOTH SOCIAL + SEARCH Double-Team Changes to search algorithms to incorporate social has everyone talking. The growing impact of social media on search rankings suggests marketers will have to harness both search marketing and social media marketing to come out ahead. 50% How important will social signals (likes, tweets, Google +1s) be to your SEO in 2012 compared to 2011? MORE MUCH MORE SAME 16% of marketers say social media has 53% 31% impacted their SEM. 29% THE IMPACT ON STRATEGIES Though marketers recognize the growing impact of social on search, not even one-third have adjusted their search or social strategies to include part of the other. This is likely to change soon. of marketers have merged parts ofsearch and social strategies. Winner THE DOUBLE-TEAM Both social media and search marketing provide clear benefits to organizations that use them well. When paired up in a comprehensive marketing plan, the two can reinforce each other and contribute to a company's overall marketing success. SOURCES: PEW INTERNET & AMERICAN LIFE PROJECT, SOCIAL MEDIA EXAMINER, WEBMARKETING123 "2011 DIGITAL MARKETING REPORT," BRIGHTEDGE "2012 SEARCH MARKETERS SURVEY, STRONGMAIL "2012 MARKETING TRENDS SURVEY," ECONSULTANCY, MARKETING SHERPA "2012 SEARCH MARKETING BENCHMARK REPORT," CHIEF MARKETER twitter: @MDGadvertising ----

Social vs Search

shared by MDGadvertising on Mar 19
While there are many differences between search marketing and social media, and each has its strengths, both are essential in marketing today. Interestingly, they take on exponentially more power when...


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