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The Social Oscar 2012

THE SOCIAL OSCAR 2012 WHO SWEPT SOCIAL AUDIENCES OFF THEIR FEET? ONE OF THE MOST LEGENDARRY DIRECTORS OF OUR TIME ANESOLON AN ENTRAORDINARY ADVENTURE BRAD PITT TRE LIFE HUGO MONEYBALL JONAH HILL PHILIP SEYMOUR HOFFMAN AY BASED O N A TRUE STORY P NOVEMBER 23 COMING SOON The Tree Of Life managed to split people into two clear camps: those who think it's extraordinary, and those who think it's pretentious and overrated. A lot of social media conversations highlight Hugo's sound quality. Its sen- timent index was very good as well, but all in all, not enough for it to be a seri- ous contender. Moneyball got a lot of social media rec- ognition as being one of the best sports movies out there. Brad Pitt's acting is also considered "solid". 10k 33k 26k mentions mentions mentions You *** You ** 72% |78%| 79% E*** best sports terrible worst movie best sound great greatest Baseball movie solid 37 29 Unique Adjectives Identified Unique Adjectives Identified Unique Adjectives Identified TOM HANKS SANDRA BULLO OK Midnight in Paris EXTREMELY LOUD Wrnen and Drected INCREDIBLY ARTIST CLOSE Dachel M ms Oren Won HIS DECEMBER Having by far the highest number of adjectives by its side, The Artist has clearly made an impression. Its "un- precedented" style has also cost it some sentiment points. Its "romantic" atmosphere definitely contributed to the movie's high senti- ment index, but it failed to generate enough buzz to be a serious contender. The only movie that seemed to have people verge on the indifferent - not too many people were impressed. 69k 15k 12k mentions mentions mentions *** You**** 79% 81% 71% E**** fresh joyful warm uplifting heavy weirdest perfect predictable enjoyable delightful preposterous extraordinary quirky unique deep awful raw annoying 162 17 14 Unique Adjectives Identified Unique Adjectives Identified Unique Adjectives Identified Change begins with a whisper. SEPARATED T WAR MTESTED BY BATTLE sOUND BY FRIENDSHIP Help WAR HORSE George Clooney Descendants ASED ON IHE SINSATIONA ESTSIILE EURRAA EIMENK h Theatres This August CHRISTMAS With the best overall sentiment index, as well as a good range of positive ad- jectives, The Help is a likely Social While it has generated a good amount of buzz and a decent sentiment index, people have mostly described it as "de- pressing". War Horse managed to get the lowest number of adjectives associated with posts about it, as well as the lowest sen- timent index. Oscars winner. 52k 22k 23k mentions mentions mentions f**** f*** You *** * To*** |92% |78%| 55% E *** E ** important wacky long mysterious film enlightened phenomenal depressing excellent film outstanding inspirational movie sad 32 16 Unique Adjectives Identified Unique Adjectives Identified Unique Adjectives Identified And the Social Oscar winner is: THE HELP UBERU All data sourced from uberVU social media intelligence platform Timeline Data gathered for the week beginning February 18 to February 25, 2012 Analysis: Removed duplicates and what was considered spam. Randomly sampled data to determine the percentage of mentions that were not about each actual movie. Based on the statistically significant sample, the respective percentage of mentions was removed from each data set. Sentiment Index: Daily sentiment data was normalized to a 0-100 scale. The end result is the average of daily results. The higher the sentiment index, the more positive the average sentiment throughout the week. 17 68

The Social Oscar 2012

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In this infographic we looked at social media mentions around the movies nominated for Best Picture. We measured the volume, built a sentiment index and more interestingly, detected the number and typ...



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