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Social Media World in Statistics

SOCIAL MEDIA WORLD IN STATISTICS brought by socialbakers Heart of social media statistics in in LinkedIn Twitter 200 million 30 million Facebook 120 million 760 million LARGEST IMPACT SOCIAL NETWORKS WITH THE LARGEST IMPACT ON THE GLOBAL CONSUMER AND SOURCE OF CUSTOMER DATA FOR ALL MARKETING AND INDUSTRY PROFESSIONALS TOP PEOPLE 5 mil. 10 mil. 20 mil, 30 mil, 40 mil. 50 mil. people Eminem 47.3 mil. fans Rihanna 45.3 mil. fans Lady Gaga 43.8 mil, fans Michael Jackson 41.2 mil. fans Shakira 40.7 mil. fans Lady Gaga 13.9 mil. followers Justin Bieber 12.9 mil. followers Barack Obama 10.3 mil. followers 2012 Katy Perry 10.2 mil. followers Kim Kardashian 10.0 mil. followers Mark Zuckerberg 570 thousand followers Larry Page 430 thousand followers 81 % Sergey Brin 350 thousand followers OF ALL FACEBOOK USERS ARE OLDER THAN 18 YEARS Vic Gundotra 240 thousand followers Pete Cashmore 200 thousand followers TOP BRANDS 5 mil. 10 mil. 20 mil, 30 mil. 40 mil, 50 mil. people Coca Cola 34.5 mil. fans Disney 28.6 mil. fans Starbucks 25.3 mil. fans Oreo 23.1 mil. fans OREO Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Red Bull 22.4 mil. fans Red Bull Engagernent rote Whole Foods Mkt. 2.0 mil. followers WHOL FOODS Starbucks Coffee 1.7 mil. followers THURSDAY Threadless 1.7 mil. followers Tweets adl JetBlue Airways 1.7 mil. followers THE MOST ENGAGING DAY FOR THE BRANDS TO SHARE THEIR STATUS IS THURSDAY jetElue 1,6 mil, followers INDUSTRY Comparison of Facebook industries' engagement rate with the response rate Engagement rate by fans Response rate by admin 0.12 % 30 % 0.10 % 25 % 0.08 % 20 % 0.06 % 15% 0.04 % 10 % 0.02 % Airlines Alcohol Telecom Media Fashion FMCG Automobile AIRLINES & TELECOM AIRLINES AND TELECOM ARE THE MOST RESPONSIVE INDUSTRIES ACROSS FACEBOOK; WELL-MANAGED PAGE COMMUNICATION EARNS ONE OF THE GREATEST FAN ENGAGEMENTS TOP PLACES Places with the highest check-in rates 20 thousand check-ins I. A. International Airport USA Denver I. A. 360 000 check-ins Chicago O'Hare I. A. 400 000 check-ins San Francisco I. A. 360 000 check-ins Los Angeles I. A. Hartsfield Jackson I. A. 600 000 check-ins 550 000 check-ins EUROPE Amsterdam Schiphol 90 000 check-ins Oslo Gardermoen 79 000 check-ins The 02 (London) 85 000 check-ins Frankfurt Airport 109 000 check-ins London Heathrow 114 000 check-ins AIRPORTS MAJORITY OF TOP PLACES WORLDWIDE ARE INTERNATIONAL AIRPORTS, TOP 5 ARE ALL LOCATED IN THE USA TOP COUNTRIES World countries with the highest number of Facebook users I I million users Indonesia 40.4 mil. users United States 155.7 mil. users (penetration 50.2 %) (penetration 16.6 %) India Turkey 30.7 mil. users (penetration 39.5 %) United Kingdom 30.3 mil. users 36.4 mil. users Mexico (penetration 3.1 %) 29.4 mil. users (penetration 48.7 %) (penetration 26.1 %) 40 % 323 MILLION FACEBOOK USERS IN THE TOP 6 COUNTRIES MAKE UP 40 % OF TOTAL FACEBOOK POPULATION Data For up-to-date statistics visit: Data as of September 2011. Pictures mostly taken from respective pages at that time. Infographic has been prepared using branded product, Socialbakers Engagement Analytics. +. Retail Food retail Electronics

Social Media World in Statistics

shared by kcatoto on Jan 24
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Wonderful Infographic by SocialBakers. Using their Engagement Analytics tools they have created an overview of how the main social media tools fit into our world.


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