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Social Media Wins and Fails by Students

Top Social Media #Wins and #Fails Made by Students Using social media while earning a degree can either help or hurt your path to career success. Social media sites aren't good or bad, they're simply platforms for connecting and sharing with others. Whether you use them to network and further your education or waste time is entirely up to you. "Epic study session tonight!" 12+| Marketing Study Group, 3PM ..m.. Become more aware and engaged with campus activities, organizations and study groups Time spent taking selfies is time not spent studying No matter the benefits, time spent on social media is time away from schoolwork. With 18-34-year- olds spending 3.8 hours a day on social networks A recent study showed that students who used Facebook to comment on posts or create/RSVP to that's 26.6 hours a week students could be events participated in face-to-face activities at higher levels and were retained at higher rates. Another study showed that students using Twitter were more likely to ask each other for help and plan study groups. studying instead of updating. 'A Reminder: Tree Octopus Presentation, 3PM. Video chat with Dr. Jane Jonesly -ENDANGERED -LIVES IN TREE -IS AN OCTOPU -SUR nOL RIES Diminished research skills Engage with experts Without critical evaluation skills students can Twitter, Google Hangouts and Quora have shrunk the world and made it possible to connect directly with leaders in your field of study. easily use false or inaccurate Internet sources.2A "Congratulations, you've reached 500+ connections!" "Congratulations, you've reached 500+ connections!" Connecting on LinkedIn is just the beginning Network with alumni, gaining valuable contacts in the workplace Students need to nurture relationships on and offline by communicating frequently, sharing industry news and making introductions to develop an effective professional network. Linkedin has more than 1,000 "University Pages" that gather public information from individual profiles and display statistics such as where an institution's alumni are and what sectors they work in, 8. "Stilll lookin for a job yo. Hit up your boy if you want the Aaronater!" "First day tomorrow at the new job!" BIO BLOG INFO FAVS BIO BLOG INFO FAVS AARON AMATEUR 25, UNITED STATES POLLY PROFESSIONAL 26, UNITED STATES SKILLS SKILLS PARTYING HEARTY, SELFIES, ONLINE PROMOTION, GRAPHIC ANY GAME INVOLVING RED CUPS DESIGN, NON PROFIT MARKETING BACKGROUND BACKGROUND TRAINED AT WEATHERLY U. TRAINED AT WESTWOOD I'VE BEEN STUDYING COLLEGE. I'VE BEEN STUDYING MARKETING SINCE 2013 MARKETING SINCE 2013. Establish a negative digital persona Establish a positive digital persona 34% of employers who scan social media profiles said they found content that has caused them not to hire the candidate.A 92% of U.S. companies use social networks and media in recruiting. "Are you really college material?" "Congrats, you did it!" 30 Negative influences on social media can demotivate students Share your educational progress with friends and family to stay motivated A recent study showed "emotional contagion" can be spread by social networks. Constantly reading negative posts can make students feel less positive and motivated.SA A recent psychology study shows people who wrote down their goals, shared them with a friend and posted weekly updates were 33% more successful in reaching those goals.58. Sources: 1.A. 1.8. 2A. 3.B. 4.A. 4.B. S.A. 5.B. O O O WESTWOOD COLLEGE" 2014 eWestwood College Explore your college options at

Social Media Wins and Fails by Students

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Are you taking full advantage of your social media profiles? Although they can be fun for communicating with friends and staying up-to-date on current pop-culture trends, social media tools like Faceb...




Social Media
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