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Social Media Wars Told in 'Game of Thrones' Style

SOCIAL MEDIA WINTER IS COMING The signs of social media winter are upon us. In recent years, relations between the biggest houses in the realm have turned cold. All Paths Intersecting (API) the largest of houses, House Twitter and House Facebook, have been blockaded or cut off. Who has suffered the brunt of these actions but the citizens who use these networks. The following map illustrates the tense relations between these houses and how it has affected travel within the social media realm. Details of the conflicts identified in this map are HOUSE FACEBOOK described below. INSTAGRAM WAY RIVER VINE HOUSE GOOGLE TWEETDECK TRAIL $63 HOUSE TWITTER You Tube ORDER OF OWLS in HOUSE YOUTUBE HOUSE LINKEDIN HOUSE TUMBLR HOUSE PINTEREST THE GAMES EXPLAINED 13 House Twitter blocks House Google In the summer of 2011, the House Twitter allowed its agreement with the House Google expire, bringing an end to Google's Crossing of RealTime Search and destroying the pier used by the citizens of the two regions. in House Twitter blocks House LinkedIn In June of 2012, House Twitter set up a ship blockade in the southern channel preventing its own citizens from dealing directly with the LinkedIn population. House Twitter blocks House Facebook Its second move in as many months, House Twitter cut off drawbridge access to its region through Instagram Way, the road owned and maintained by House Facebook. House Facebook blocks House Twitter Perhaps in retaliation, in the winter of 2012 House Facebook created a blockade of its own, preventing travellers from using Instagram Way to connect to Twitter. The two blockades noticeably limited travel between the two houses. House Facebook blocks House Twitter After blocking access on Instagram Way, House Facebook cut off another point of access between it and House Twitter by blockading the River Vine. The move prevented travellers from using the River Vine to find friends and family living on the territory of Facebook. House Twitter blocks House Facebook Relations between these houses have only soured. House Twitter, in March of 2013, cut off the main bridge on Tweetdeck Trail, one of the remaining access ways between it and the people of Facebook. THE HOUSES OF THE REALM House Facebook • Founded in 2004 House Twitter • Founded in 2006 • 1.1 billion citizens • House Motto: Where every moment lives for eternity • The biggest house in the realm, • 200 million citizens • House Motto: Few words can say a lot • Control the River Vine and HOUSE FACEBOOK HOUSE TWITTER House Facebook controls Tweetdeck Trail. Instagram Way House Google House YouTube • Founded in 1998 • 390 Million citizens • House Motto: Information is power You Tube • Founded in 2005 • 800 million citizens • House Motto: Where time disappears • Known for having the best HOUSE GOOGLE HOUSE YOUTUBE • The most resource-rich part of the realm, also has the largest library entertainment in the realm House LinkedIn House Tumblr • Founded in 2007 • 70 million citizens • House Motto: • Founded in 2003 in • 200 million citizens • House Motto: Everything is inextricably linked to business HOUSE LINKEDIN HOUSE TUMBLR A picture is worth 1,000 words, a gif • The biggest network of merchants, even more labourers and tradesmen in the realm • Known for its unique, odd and at times shocking art and architecture House Pinterest HootSuite Order of Owls • Founded in 2010 • 40 Million citizens • Founded in 2008 • Close to 7 million order members • House Motto: Stronger together • Its owls carry messages between all Houses, unimpeded by blockades or battles. • House Motto: The pin is sharper than the sword • The largest female to male ratio HOUSE PINTEREST ORDER OF OWLS in the realm JOIN THE ORDER OF OWLS hootsuite Social Media Management With the first winds of social media winter sweeping over the realm, citizens are looking for ways to avoid the conflict. While not all the houses have been involved, few can make it by without travelling between the houses of Facebook and Twitter. Thankfully, one clear way to overcome these blockades has emerged. The Order of the Owls provides safe travel between the largest houses in the realm. Join the order, and be a part of a uniting force. Stronger together. HootSuite helps teams engage with audiences and analyze campaigns across multiple social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and Google+ Pages from one secure web-based dashboard.

Social Media Wars Told in 'Game of Thrones' Style

shared by edy on Jun 03
Time and time again, social networks put up their defenses to ward off competition from opposing social platforms. Some of those online battles are detailed in this Game of Thrones-themed infographic ...


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