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The Social Media War

SMS SMS SMS SOcial Media Social interaction is a part of human SMS SMS nature.. .but with busy lives or distance separating friends, family, acquaintances and colleagues, social networks fill a global need. While there are leaders in social media, dozens of networks fill various categories and needs. All fight for our attention. SMS SMS SÖcial Media Use by sex and AGe by Sex Adult Users, age 18+ @R Only 8% of adult Internet users engaged in social networking in 2005. 70% of men who use the Internet also use social networking. 74% of women Internet users 72% used social networking in 20121 are engaged in social media SMS SMS SMS o O by Age AGE GROUP 2005 2012 All Internet users 9% 89% 18-29 8% 72% SMS SMS 30-49 7% 78% 50-64 6% 60% SMS 65+ 1% 43% General Usace SMS SMS On a global basis- by adult Internet users, age 18+, as of Dec. 2012 SMS 62% 51% 44% FACEBOOK ) is the most popular site with 62% of global Internet users actively logging in. South African users lead the pack, at 68%. O TWITTER M GOOGLE+ A little less than half About half of all global D actively use google+. internet users are active on this site. IS SMS FACEBOOK takes the TOP SPOT in Q2 2013! SMS SMS SMS In North America- 59% of North American Internet users actively use Facebook- more than any other region. 17% of N. American Internet users actively use Pinterest-the highest regional usage. 18% dnd. LINKEDIN 27% 31% 25%33% 10% SMS YOUTUBE TWITTER N. AMERICAN INTERNET USERS as compared to MIDDLE EASTERN AND AFRICAN INTERNET USERS [] by American adult Internet users- ШИ SMS SMS 67% 20%16% 15% 13% 6% Use SME Une UNe fin y P Suctagram FACEBOOK LINKEDIN TWITTER PINTEREST INSTAGRAM O TUMBLR A GIOWTH Rates SM 1ST IND Tumblr came in second. Pinterest had the 88% 74% highest growth rate from Q2 2012 to Q2 2013. SMS 00 00 Check out these changes in growth! +19.2% +15.1% +14.7% -7.6% SMS for Pinterest for LinkedIn for Facebook for Twitter (close in content sharing to email) Fast Facts go 60 55 Active Internet users spend more than ¼ of their online IU time on social network sites. 16 mins. 50 per online hour on social media 45 15 Nearly 75% of Facebook users access the site through a mobile device. 40 20 35 25 SCPE. 14, 2012 30 Date when Facebook reached the 1 billion active monthly users mark. There were 1.19 billion Facebook users worldwide as of the end of Q3 2013. Facebook average monthly usage is 8.3 hours per user. By contrast, Google+ usage is less than 7 minutes. SMS 490 MllOn unique YouTube users worldwide. People access social networks from just about anywhere. At work (34%], at school (13%), in the car (18%), in bed (44%), in the bathroom (7%), on the toilet [6%]. In 2013, astronauts tweeted from the ISS (International Space Station). SMS SMS SMS NeW ATTUTALS + NUMBETX WhatsApp, Snapchat is a photo messaging app by which users can send images to a list of recipients. "Stories" the cross-platform instant messaging subscription service for smartphones, had 37.6% more (300M) appear on a Snapchat user's stream for American users than Twitter's (218M], as of Jun. 2013. 24 hours.Image and video media disappear immediately after viewing. Snapchat has 1/3 the number of American users as Twitter but as of Oct. 2013 was handling 350M posts daily compared to Twitter's 500M. SMS More than 30 startups have been Vine \purchased by Twitter is a social Vine micro-video sharing app purchased by Twitter before it even launched. Twitter will pay an estimated price of $30+M for it. SMS SMS $1B $1.1B what Facebook paid (cash and stock) in Apr. 2012 for Instagram, a s0cial photo- sharing service. Yahoo's bill in May 2013 for purchasing the microblogging site Tumblr. Tumblr had 170M users and 100M microblogs, making the buyout equal to $6.47 per user. Yahoo purchased the photo-sharing site Flickr, which in 2013, exceeded 87 million users and 8 billion images. By comparison, Facebook's Instagram exceeded 100M users and 4 billion images. SMS o SMS SMS Alternatibes för Teens Among American teens, the following social networks are most o SMS popular, from most to least: f You 30 Tube a Sustagram (5) 5. But. Facebook has dropped about 10% in teen TOP TEEN ALTERNATIVES users WANELO SNAPCHAT KIK LCHAN Still, 22% of teens log on to Facebook over 10 times a day. SMS SMS BROUGHT TO YOU BY @r SMS SOurces SMS Pinterest-Linkedln SMS rivals.html?_r=0

The Social Media War

shared by edgarrr on Jan 15
Social interaction is a part of human nature, but with busy lives or distance sometimes separating friends, family, acquaintances and colleagues, social networks are filling a need globally. While the...


Social Media
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