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Social Media vs Traditional Media

Social Media vs Traditional Media

The emergence of social media for businesses has created a much more dynamic way that businesses must market themselves

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</div> in f NEWS Social Media Vs. Traditional Differences in NEWS Inbound Outbound Social Media SEO Blogs Mail TV Cold Call Pro's & Cons Social Media Traditional Inexpensive Costly One-way non-reciprocal Interactive/Engaging Time-consuming Short-term results Measurable Hard to Measure * Disseminates Rapidly Permanent/Tangible Trends Social Media Traditional Percent Increase/Decrease in effectiveness 65% 11% Increase Increase 11% 43% Decrease Decrease Cost Comparison The CPM model refers to ad- CPM vertising bought on the basis of impressions. It es- sentially tells you how much you will pay per 1,000 people to view your ad during the entire campaign. NEWS Direct Mail Newspaper Television Radio Billboard Social Media CPM 60 50 40 30 20 10 2$ NEWS Tree of Reach NEWS Social Influence Word of mouth is considered the oldest yet most effective form in the integrated marketing mix. 92% of people rely on recommenda- tions from their peers to inform their purchases. The problem with word of mouth is that it can take time for the news to spread about a certain product or service. Social Media is changing is taking word of mouth to the next level. Social media in the marketing mix can be considered word of mouth in the fast lane. Millions of poeple are members to sites such as Facebook and Twitter. The potential reach is massive and word can spread at rapid rates. Consumer Trust in the Various Forms of Advertising Recommendations from Friends (Word of Mouth) 92% Consumer Posted Opinions 70% Websites 58% Radio 47% TV Ads 42% Billboards 47% Concluding Thoughts Traditional media has been an important element in the marketing mix since the dawn of advertising. It is trusted among consumers and has been proven to be a valuable tool for businesses and orga- nizations. The problem is that consumers are looking for the fast- est and most interactive ways to get information about products they are interested in. At the same time businesses are looking to measure exactly what their ROI is on the marketing mediums they use in their overall strategy. Social Media marketing provides a solution to this problem. It is a fast, engaging, and interactive way for consumers to learn about products and services. Social media can also provide businesses with data-driven analytics about who is viewing their content, what customers opinions are about the product/service for a rela- tively small investment. Created by: Simple Sign Up Link Your Accounts Communicate Easily Sit Back and Relax Add all your social media accounts using given API's. No login details are transferred. Sign up for Kuhcoon in minutes. Get social faster Communicate with Kuhcoon's managers and portray your specific brand image. Relax and track statistics than ever thought possible. of account growth using Kuhcoon's analytics dashboard. Sources: infographic.jpg

Social Media vs Traditional Media

shared by JeffreyKatra on Aug 07
The emergence of social media for businesses has created a much more dynamic way that businesses must market themselves.


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