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Social Media Safety

STATUS UPDATE: Im leaving my house! DOES SOCIAL MEDIA USE COMPROMISE THE SECURITY OF YOUR HOME? Does your social media activity endanger your home's safety? The answer might be "yes," according to a recent survey of 50 ex-burglars in the UK. The overwhelming majority of these former criminals revealed using social media updates to determine when to rob a home. Keep that in mind the next time you consider Tweeting your vacation plans or whereabouts, and read on to find out more about social media's effect on your home's security. BURGLARY NATION $ 2,137 There were nearly twice as many robberies during the day than at night in 2010. Total Home Bulglaries: NIGHT DAY UNKNOWN The average home break-in causes $2,137 in losses. 1,402,214 389,910 722,231 290,073 The value of goods stolen during the day are higher than at night. 20.5% 38.1% 15.3% Percent Distribution: $1,868 $2,158 $2,445 Average Value of Stolen Goods: A poll conducted by MetLife Auto & Homes in the U.S shows that: SOCIAL INSECURITY 78% of burglars use Facebook, Twitter SOCIAL STATUS and Foursqure to target potential properties. of Americans use 15% social media to report that they left their home. of burglars use Google Street View to scope out potential homes before they strike. of Americans age 74% 35% 18-34 check in or tweet about their location. THE TOP 5 MOST COMMON MISTAKES HOMEOWNERS MAKE According To Ex-Burglars 80% of burglars reveal that the first attempt at breaking into a property is usually unsuccessful. They usually must return to a property a number of times before they successfully break in. Leaving windows open Leaving valuables in plain view of anyone passing by of burglars admit that a cheap and simple home alarm system would completely deter them from targeting a home. 3 Posting their whereabouts on social networking sites 78% Hiding keys near the front door Leaving parcel deliveries out 5 THE BURGLAR BLITZ ON THE FLIPSIDE 2 MINUTES 10 MINUTES WANT! The time it takes to The average break into a house amount of time in which a home with no visible security system robbery takes place With the use of in-home surveilance cameras, Matt Schubert of Pittsboro, Ind., Indiana, captured footage of two burglars robbing his home. Schubert immediately posted images of the suspects on a Facebook page he created called "Break In Pittsboro, IN" and asked that the community help him identify them. He received over 500 emails within 36 hours and successfully identified the thieves. This is just one of many stories of how social media can be employed to capture thieves. £487 £1,200 The average value of goods stolen in the UK The average insurance claim 5 PRACTICAL STEPS TO IMPROVING YOUR HOME'S "SOCIAL" SECURITY Set your Facebook privacy Only add actual friends into your network. Refrain from announcing Don't post photos that reveal your address or Avoid posting photos of expensive items in your settings to allow only your friends to see your content. that you will be out of town for an extended period of time. landmarks near your home. home. 5 PRACTICAL STEPS TO A SECURE HOME НОME SECURITY PROTECTED Never leave a secret key Take inventory of your valuable possessions, including photos, descriptions of each item and the date it was purchased, so that you can be properly reimbursed by your insurance company. Always make your home look occupied. Always Lock your doors Make sure your homeowner's or renter's insurance coverage is sufficient given the total value of your possessions. when you leave. hidden under your doormat - burglars know exactly where to look. SOURCE: FRIEDLAND.CO.UK, METLIFE.COM, HOMESECURITYSOURCE.COM, FBI.GOV, SJPD.ORG credit sesame BY: L.l.

Social Media Safety

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Does social media activity endanger your home's safety? The answer might be "yes," according to a recent survey of 50-ex burglars in the UK. The overwhelming majority of these former criminals reveale...




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