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Is Social Media Ruining Students?

IS SOCIAL MEDIA RUINING You Tube STUDENTS? Social media has become an integral part of our lives, and no group feels its impact more than students. Facebook started on college campuses, and it continues to thrive there the most: 96% of students use Facebook. There's no doubt that social media has had a huge impact on the lives of students, but what's less clear is whether this impact has been good or bad. Let's break down the pros and cons. GRADES A+ GOOD BAD IDEA! f A+ B C F- A+ B C D F- Grades up half a gradepoint in classes that use Twitter. Studying + Facebooking = 20% lower grades. 75% of students want to collaborate online 79% of students don't believe this. VERDICT Multitasking with Facebook is a bad idea. Stop checking your 'Notifications' when studying and hit the books to get that 'A'. Also, educators should integrate social media into classrooms. EXTRA CURRICULARS GOOD BAD MON THURS ALMOST FRIDAY! BAKE SALE! TUES FRI PARTYIN' PARTYN YEAH! BBQ NIGHT WED FOOZBALL CLUB SAT/SUN CAMPUS CLEANUP More Facebook, Less $$$: Facebook Users More Facebook, More Fun: Facebook users are twice as likely to be more involved in campus activities. 85% work < 5 hours a week Non-Facebook Users 80% work > 16 hours a week VERDICT Get ON Facebook to get involved, get OFF Facebook to make $$$. It's completely up to you, though we assure you: you're going to have plenty of time to work 16 hours a week after you graduate. If you graduate. EMOTIONS GOOD BAD Shaniqua Star Bob Milton Just woke up!!! Gonna get some d! haha! 10 minutes ago Staying in and watching the Notebook with mother. 2 hours ago 8,789 friends Lolz, found a toy in my cereal, what's your favorite cereal toy!! 4 minutes ago Bob Milton and Bob's Mom are now friends 15 friends 4 minutes ago Gotta get down to the bus stop Gotta catch my bus! LOL. 30 seconds ago About to make some toast in the bathtub. 30 seconds ago Social media users feel 48% of students on FB think they're sadder than their friends 20% more "connected to their institution", and are twice as likely to feel popular. 25% of college students show serious depression in their status updates. VERDICT Using social media alone is lonely... get involved. Though Facebook use can be a depressing affair, it's clear that it has real college-related emotional benefits. Think less about being alone, and more about being a part of your vibrant college community. ADDICTION GOOD BAD University of Maryland study asked students not to use social media for 24 hours. The results: Social Media Is Addicting: Students felt: frantically craving, very anxious, extremely antsy, miserable, jittery, and crazy. Social Media Provides News: Students felt disconnected from the world without their primary source for news. Students say they're instantly aware of campus emergencies "Facebook addiction" is searched 350X more than "cigarette addiction." VERDICT Students are staying current with news with social media; and if they unplug, it hurts. Students have made social media part of their daily routine. It's not just about photos and gossip - it's about keeping in touch with the world. So when your professors tell you to get off Twitter, threaten to take away their newspaper. SELF ESTEEM GOOD BAD I'M AN OKAY GUY! MYSELF a lot. Updating Your Facebook = Good Vibes: Updating Facebook profiles boosts students' self-esteem even more than looking in a mirror. More Facebook, More Attitude: Students who spend more time on Facebook are more narcissistic. VERDICT Facebook makes us vain ...for better AND for worse. The Facebook divas among us are the ones spending the most time touching up their profiles, but students not feeling so hot about themselves should give it a shot. STUDY HABITS GOOD BAD E=mc? TGIF! LOL! 000 1-5 hours 11-15 hours 1 in 3 students use social Students who use Facebook study less. Students who don't use Facebook study more. media for educational purposes. VERDICT Ditching Facebook will give you more time to study. Final Verdict: INCONCLUSIVE So, is social media good or bad for students? We can't answer this complex question with a simple yes or no. Social media is great for certain aspects of college and terrible for others.. but it doesn't have to be this way. Social media is now a vital part of life, and academia needs to learn how to effectively take advantage. When social media is integrated with academics, studies have shown serious positive impact on students. And if Facebook is really making you that depressed... why don't you shut down your computer and enjoy the sun. It helps. We promise. • Information Provided By . References: 01/tech/facebook.self.esteem_1_facebook-page-facebook-wall-esteem?_s=PM:TECH Academic_Performance

Is Social Media Ruining Students?

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Social media use is on the rise and the debate is on as to whether it is good or bad. Social media use gives it's users good vibes but it can also make them more narcissistic. Using Twitter in the c...


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Social Media
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