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Social Media report 2010 Telenet

TELENET SOCIAL MEDIA YEAR 2010 telenet STATUS ON 31.12 # MENTIONS A PRODUCT LINES A mention is any update that contains 'Telenet (or a corresponding keyword such as Fibernet, Goldshake, Yelo, .) anywhere in the body of a conversation in social media. Buzz ratio of Telenet product lines, based on Telenet Replies are also considered mentions. mentioned conversations • TWITTER • FORA • BLOGS, NEWS & OTHER SOCIAL NETWORKS 57% 6500 боо0 31% Every 13 minutes someone is twittering, blogging, .. about Telenet 5500 7% 5000 4500 2% 4000 • TV • INTERNET O MOBILE • PORTALS • TELEPHONY 3500 3000 2500 2000 SOME TWEETS 1500 In 2010, Twitter has been a valuable source of informa- tion, innovation & feedback for Telenet. Here is a ran- 1000 dom selection of tweets. @kodel Yes, hier heb ik op gewacht! #digiprogrammer is #beta pu- bliek cc @telenet @tv_be (27.04) JAN FEB , MAA APR MEI JUN JUL AUG SEP окт NOV DEC o8.02 06.08 28.10 First tweet of @telenet Mabile Digiprogrammer: Telenet is looking for beta testers Publication of top-25 downloaders 11.03 Charlotte starts twittering 15.05 Launch of new Webmail: signup @lamazone 24.11 possibility for quicker migration *Klik Mee" event (Telenet Foundation) Geslaagde #BGGD29! Merci aan @jurthys & @pekesenertjes, @telenet, @nomadesk, @prime- movies, #flair, @bnox en @nomadznu! (12.o5) 01.04 4G press conference with live tweets 12.05 "Brussels Girl Geek Dinner Wa9" in the 17.12 Yelo launch: live streaming- "Hot on Twitter" section of Slideshare 1.349 viewers with bloggers events 27.04 Digiprogrammer launch: Telenet is looking for beta testers 20.12 Streaming concert on Facebook, 1 for all concerts (together with TMF) @Pietel @c_concepts wanneer mogen de bloggers Telenet 46 eens komen testen? cc @oscarlynn @AndrewVassallo @heldenmerk (16.06) f FACEBOOK STATS E TWITTER STATS @robinwauters @jeffnolan @jckiedncki I swear to god, I've been with this com- pany for so many years and cus- tomer service is constantly im- proving. #telenet (30.06) The page is actively used since March. Interaction has started @Telenet started twittering on Feb 8th at the Fibernet launch press conference, in since November. response to Peeters & Pichal's radio program. 70% 840 2.476 AVG 2.370 25-34 +11/DAY MALE FANS TWEETS @Tikvzw TOTAL FANS MAIN GROUP FOLLOWERS NEW FOLLOWERS Vrij downloaden: de top 25 (via @Telenet) forum/viewtopic.php?f-5&t=12 944 (06.08) O VIDEO STATS e BLOG STATS @janseurinck alleen (al) voor dat opnemen op afstand betaal ik digitale televisie bij @Telenet (17.08) Top 3 viewed Telenet videos Top 3 viewed posts on 102.000 views Tom Waes stikt in dikke cornichon #1 Lancering Yelo! #2 Hoe stel ik mijn afstandsbediening in? @tijs And I always thought recording programs on my @telenet digi- corder was horribly complicated (01.09) 51.000 views Hoe Yelo gebruiken? E #3 Telenet Fiber vs. Google 14.000 views Telenet - snelste internet - zwemmer 262 68.000 @zofie UNIQUE VISITORS RT @womboo: Gezocht: beta- testers mobiele site #telenet (01.09) VISITS/DAY V WEBCARE STATS Support-related questions on blogs, fora and Twitter are answered by Charlotte, Telenet's virtual webcare agent. On Twitter, support tweets end with the characters *CH. In 2010, a team of 4 employees have operated behind this pseudonym. ilul TOP INFLUENCERS @VincentVQ Uniek. Nu je vragen stellen via • 66% of the mentions are support-related questions Based on combination of on-topic posts and followers count. Twitter. En ze worden door het bedrijf beantwoord. LIVE. Hopelijk later alle vragen beantw #telenetlanceert (17.12) @raf_ @marketingyudai @noelbellen @janseurinck @nilsgeylen 80% of them are immediately answered online by Charlotte @ohlordie @unexxx @pietel @dominiek_be

Social Media report 2010 Telenet

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A visualisation we made for belgian company Telenet based on their social media reporting.




Social Media
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