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Social Media or Employment: Which Would You Choose?

SOCIAL MEDIA O SALARY vs. A recent study has revealed that some college students and young professionals are willing to sacrifice salary and employment opportunities for social media and technology freedoms. THE INTERNET Among college students: 6% 1 IN 3 surveyed said the Internet is as important as air, shelter, food, and water. A majority of those surveyed made their opinions clear: could live without the Internet of those surveyed and Brazil believed that. China 60% They can't live without the 31% INTERNET, O coud ive without the Internet, but it would be a struggle 0, 62% could not live with- out the Internet Nearly half of college students say they're distracted or interrupted by social media, IM or phone calls three + times in a typical hour. 36% 45% of college students of young professionals say their laptop is very important in their daily lives. 43% WORKPLACE ATTITUDES Some young people believe their companies" policies should be more flexible when it comes to П1 social media and device use. 68% 60% 30% 67% 3 IN 5 agree that their IT policy could use some or significant updates. o believe that being able to work remotely, in today's world, is a right. believe they are not responsible for protecting corporate information and devices. young professionals say their boss believes it's necessary for them to be physically in the office. young professionals believe that company-issued devices should be available 7 IN 10 employees admitted to knowingly breaking IT policies on a regular basis. for both work and play. 3 IN 10 Young professionals say their company restricts access to online games and social networking sites. However, ONE QUARTER say the restricted access is not in the best interest of the company. RECRUITMENT & SALARY While higher salaries may be tempting to recent grads, some may opt for this flexibility instead. SOCIAL MEDIA ACCESS AS A JOB CRITERIA Key: students who said a possible employer's social media policy would be a key factor in their job acceptance decision 6% 8% 49% 41% 47% 10% 10% 28% 53% 27% 29% would accept the job offer but find a way to access their social media outlets. 31% OF COLLEGE STUDENTS MEANWHILE of young professionals believe their comfort said that they would prioritize social media freedom and device 44% COMFORT LEVEL level and experience with social media was a factor in their employer's decision to hire them. said that they would accept the position and abide by the rules. flexibility over salary. ONLINE COURSES SOURCES: | Information provided by:

Social Media or Employment: Which Would You Choose?

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As social media has become the preferred way for most people to interact with their peer groups, the ability to access smart phones, tablets, and even the internet at work has become a priority for many.


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