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Social Media: The New Face of Disaster Response

SOCIAL MEDIA THE NEW FACE of DISASTER RESPONSE With social media use ever on the rise, social networks have become a primary source of news and information. Take a look at social media's growing role in disaster response, and see how these networks have aided the rescue and relief efforts of multiple disasters already. U.S. Natural Disasters from 1980 to 2010 Earthquake ) 0.77 Average economic impact of disasters each year: per year $17.6 billion Storm ) 12.65 per year Wildfire ) 1.74 per year disaster-related deaths per year 399 X- 50 deaths Extreme Temperature 0.68 per year Flood ) 4.26 per year Number of people affected by disasters each year: 867,406 Deaths by Type of Disaster 61.9% 25.9% 6.8% 2.6% 1.2% Extreme Temperature Storm Flood Epidemic Earthquake Social Media: The Next Generation of Disaster Response How Survivors Harness Social Media Contact friends Let loved 76% to make sure they 25% apps 24% CO/ Download disaster-related ones know are safe they are safe Use info on Retrieve social media 37% 18% emergency to buy supplies 1in 5 Americans have used information and find shelter through Facebook an emergency app Ask their online 44% friends to contact responders survivors contact emergency responders via social media, websites, or email During disasters, social networks 35% 50 Directly post a request for J 70 help on a responder's Facebook often replace 911 as the go-to source for help of Americans expect emergency 80% response agencies to monitor and respond to social media platforms + +++++ +++ Send direct 25% Twitter messages 1/3 expect help to show up within 60 minutes of a posting 60 MINUTES A Proven Track Record: Social media's use during disasters TORNADO SEASON 1,665 Tuscaloosa, AL, created Tuscaloosa Forward, a social media website that let residents share ideas for rebuilding Number of tornadoes that ravaged the U.S., making 2011 the deadliest tornado year in the US. ever 9 300 IDEAS A Facebook page dedicated to tornado recovery in Joplin, MO attracted shared 4,000 1 * by over VISITORSt! 123,000 devastatin tomado members within days of a - 200 visitors school system in Tuscaloosa posted a request for volunteers to help with school cleanup efforts on social networks The page mobilized volunteers & assisted in the search for survivors An 1,100 employee of a hospital in Joplin used Facebook to successfully locate 1,100 missing hospital workers [80 30 | ] arrived in under volunteers minutes JAPAN TSUNAMI 1,188 Number of tsunami-related March 11, 2011 Tweets sent each minute during the tsunami and resulting nuclear fallout: Facebook recorded 4.5 MILLION Н 27 MILES = 1M updates One hospital in Japan, located just 27 miles from the Fukushima nuclear plant, desperately needed to move 80 patients away from the danger status updates from around the world containing the words Japan Tsunami Earthquake A hospital staffer took to Twitter, messaging U.S. Ambassador John Roos, who was able to alert the Embassy and coordinate with Japan's Ground Self-Defense 80 PATIENTS Forces who evacuated the patients 84% That's 84% of total status updates HAITI EARTHQUAKE Number of Tweets containing the 2.3 MILLION words "Haiti" or "Red Cross" between January 12 and January 14, 2010: 189,024 of those contained '90999 the number - 10,000 Tweets Texting that number $10.00 sent a $10 donation to the Red Cross This raised $3 million the first 48 hours Durvivors took to social media to alert aid agencies of their need. Countless lives were saved by volunteers monitoring social networks $3 MILLION HURRICANE SANDY At its peak, Instagram users uploaded Sandy-related photos at a rate of : every Facebook mentions of "Hurricane Sandy" and “Frankenstorm" increased by Top 5 Shared Terms on Facebook 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. hope everyone is ok 1,000,000% we are ok damage power trees FEMA tweeted to its Twitter followers: 23 RED CROSS STAFFERS 4,500 "Phone lines may be congested during/ after #Sandy. Let loved ones know you're OK They tagged 4,500 of them for officials to follow up on, providing aid for those in need by sending a text or updating your social monitored 2.5 MILLION Sandy-related social media postings networks." FROM RAISING MONEY TO LOCATING SURVIVORS, IT'S CLEAR THAT SOCIAL MEDIA IS QUICKLY BECOMING THE MOST EFFICIENT OUTLET FOR MANAGING DISASTER RESPONSE SOURCES statenisland-humicane-sandy usianline Mttp://www.can http:/eeyount.con/2011/03/1uing-ecul-meda duine-japan-dkasten http:/ http://www.start.undetustart/publicatians/START_SacialMedialheduringDisasters_LIReview.pef http://www.ndcossarg/news/press-eleasa/Marn-Americans-Uking-Mabile-Apps-in-Emengencies http://www.aeventionwebnet/englishountrie/tatistiestod=185 http:/ com/201001/15/haitian arthquake-dominates-twitter

Social Media: The New Face of Disaster Response

shared by mrchibolin on Aug 21
Social media has emerged as a major player in disaster response. Facebook, Twitter and even Instagram have all facilitated the rescue and relief efforts of multiple disasters. These platforms have cha...


Social Media
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