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Social Media Marketing for Startups

SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING FOR STARTUPS HOW TO GET PEOPLE TO TALK ABOUT YOUR PRODUCT LAUNCH For startups, nothing is more vital than creating a buzz around your new product or service. Social media is a crucial platform from which your startup can gather customers, investors, and achieve success. We examine some vita strategies and tips YOUR LAUNCH PAGE to effectively use social media. The effectiveness of your launch page is dependent on its use of social media. Having buttons and tabs where visitors Services such as LaunchRock provide a custom, unique URL. When can easily like, retweet, or digg your someone shares the URL via social media they are given credit for new product/service will help to create every person who signs through their custom URL link. These people are then rewarded with priority access lists. a prelaunch buzz. 88 Make use of social media speakers. Not just social media platforms themselves but impactful people on social media. Ask bloggers and top Twitterers in your particular field for feedback on your startup. If they SOCIAL PEOPLE find your startup interesting they may blog or tweet about it, giving you instant access to their followers. The power of social media lies in its ability to link people together. Having a launch page and a central social Don't be afraid to turn to your address book. If you are passionate about network page is only step one. Step your project and startup, don't be afraid to share that with your friends, two is in integrating the movers and family, and clients. It is also important to create a solid seed list that shakers of the social media sphere. can be as small as 25 people. THE IMPORTANCE OF THE BLOGGER 35% OF BLOGGERS ARE BLOGGING ABOUT 35% 70% OF BLOGGERS ARE ORGANICALLY 70%) TALKING ABOUT BRANDS ON THEIR BLOGS. BRANDS AND PRODUCT REVIEWS. Building a fan base with social media when you launch requires more than luring early adopters in. The easiest way to cultivate interest is through conversations. Ask questions of your followers. The questions IMPRESSIONS can range from practical to fanciful, but always relevant to your startup. Through social media your startup can shape how people view and talk about your brand. You can immediately create a loyal fanbase and adjust your When you begin to receive feedback from bloggers, followers, or even message with the feedback you the press, pay special attention to how these outlets talk about your receive. brand. Make use of these keywords and phrases to better your SEO. DISTRIBUTION WHICH PLATFORMS HAVE MARKETERS USED TO LAUNCH MARKETING CAMPAIGNS IN THE US? 93% 78% 61% в FACEBOOK TWITTER YOUTUBE BEST FOR: BEST FOR: BEST FOR: O- SHARING CONVERSATION FEEDBACK SHARING DISTRIBUTION REPLYING SHARING VIDEO DISTRIBUTION PROS CONS PROS CONS PROS CONS With Facebook it is In general, traffic to This is a great In order to get the Using YouTube in The click through easy to get your Facebook comes in outbound messaging most ROI from your conjunction with rates to your marketing message spurts rather than a tool that allows you Twitter page, it is your brand can website tend to be out there. You can steady flow. When very low. In addition, it is very costly to produce a to reach hundreds necessary to tweet provide education receive customer it comes to immediately. Replies at a constant rate and entertainment feedback, good or updates, the to clients on Twitter Maintaining these to your potential bad. Starting a newsfeed tends to are easy to monitor tweets with customers and high-quality video. Facebook page or filter content so and follow. substantial content clients, YouTube YouTube can take fan page for your that for every 100 Retweets provide becomes videos can improve more time and brand allows you to fans, only 20 to 30 greater brand problematic. your SEO because energy than control your see your update. recognition. the videos rank Facebook or brand's image. very well. Twitter. CONTENT HOW DO YOU GET THE You can have thousands of initial followers and all the blogs in the world MOST DISTRIBUTION writing about your startup, but if the content you are producing is not interesting you will never see a viral following. FROM YOUR SOCIAL MAKE GREAT CONTENT MEDIA ACCOUNTS? BEST TIME TO ENCOURAGE WORD OF CLICK: FOR CUSTOMER BELIEVE IN THE POWER OF WORD OF CLICK AFTER A SALE SERVICE Similar to the original grassroots style of marketing, word of click uses social media to DURING amplify a marketing message. WITH INCENTIVES ANNIVERSARIES BUZZ TO BUCKS MONITORING YOUR BUZZ 80% 50% The best way to monetize your social media buzz is to track where most of the buzz is coming from and where your social media campaign may be failing. ONLINE CONSUMERS WHO HABITUALLY TALK ABOUT BRANDS THEY LOVE ARE 80% MORE LIKELY TO SHARE BRAND INFORMATION. THEY ARE ALSO 50% MORE LIKELY TO PERSUADE THEIR FRIENDS TO MAKE PURCHASES. oll WHAT ARE PEOPLE MEASURING TO QUANTIFY SOCIAL IMPACT? 72% THE BEST WAY TO TRACK YOUR RESULTS VISITOR & SOURCES OF TRAFFIC Monetizing your social media buzz lies in 63% converting followers to customers. Using basic analytical tools such as Google NETWORK SIZE: FOLLOWERS &FANS Analytics can help, but it is important to look 56% analytical tools that track what or why a customer is clicking on a link or interacting QUANTITY OF COMMENTARY with your brands, such as and 50% Radian6. SENTIMENT OR QUALITY OF COMMENTARY SOURCES: EMARKETER.COM I MARKETINGSHERPA.COM I FORBES.COM I UDEMY.COM

Social Media Marketing for Startups

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For startups, nothing is more vital than creating a buzz around your new product or service. Social media is a crucial platform from which your startup can gather customers, investors, and achieve suc...




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