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The Hectic Schedule of a Social Media Manager BRAND AMBASSADORS. CONTENT MANAGERS. EVANGELISTS. These are all words that are often used to describe the constantly evolving social media manager of today. In order to be a successful one, he or she must take on a pretty demanding schedule of constant updates, meetings and tweets – all the while maintaining an effective online presence. Here we offer a glimpse inside a hardworking social media manager's day.. 5:30AM–12PM M CHECK Immediately checks e-mails missed during the five hours of slumber. Remember: The social media world never sleeps. LUNCH SCAN Goes to lunch with another social media Scans news feeds for interesting manager to discuss the latest scoop in 7PM-THE NEXT DAY the social media sphere. articles, blog posts or videos to share. foursquare K REC & UPLOAD Remembers to check in on TWEET & RETWEET REVIEW Reviews traffic volume, bounce rates Writes interesting tweets and retweets other relevant links to continue the and other relevant metrics on Google Records an impromptu video with the passing on of ideas. CEO, department managers and fellow Analytics. Times the tweets to automatically go out employees, and uploads it to YouTube. /X SIGN UP while in meetings, at lunch & driving home. WRITE Registers and marks calendar for the next anticipated Social Media Strategies PUBLISH Writes another blog entry. Summit. Publishes a blog entry or status update based on the latest news. Shares SKYPE SCHEDULE TWEET the published material with friends, coworkers and industry big names. Skypes into a conference about corporate microblogging. Schedules tweets to go out overnight to promote your brand to night owls ?.. FOLLOW UP REVISIT and those in other countries. Follows up with the sales team to Revisits the usual social media haunts | CHECK for follow-ups and supervises periodically throughout the day to make sure things are going smoothly. see if they've delivered the customer testimonial video. Checks e-mail one last time on the smartphone before going to bed. O REPLY PRESENT Zzzzzz.. Engages with the community by diligently replying to messages or comments. During the weekly department meeting, provides a crash-course presentation on the importance of RSS feeds, Checks alerts for positive or negative mentions of the brand's product or service. Facebook and Twitter. So You Want to Be a Social Media Manager... Did that snapshot of a frenzied social media manager's schedule look enticing to you? See below if you're cut out for it. SALARY RANGE: LESS THAN 1 YEAR 6% $34,432– $56,571 1-4 YEARS 71% FEMALE MALE 62% 38% More social media manager candidates tend to be female, with one to four years of experience. Good Social Media Managers Are... 5-9 YEARS 15% "OUT-OF-THE-BOX" THINKERS INFLUENTIAL 10–19 YEARS 6% PURPOSE-DRIVEN ATTENTIVE ADAPTABLE 20+ YEARS 1% ALCAST SOCIALCAST SOCIALCAST SOCIALCAST SOCIALCAST SOCIALCAST CIALCAST SOCIALCAST SOCIALO SOCIALCAST SOCIALCAST CIALCASTSOCIALCAST SOCIAL OCIALCAST SOCIALCAST CIALCASTCIALCAT SOCIALI oACAT SOCIALCAST SOCIALCAST © 2011 SOCIALCAST INC. ALL OTHER TRADEMARKS HEREIN ARE RECOGNIZED TO BE THE PROPERTY OF THEIR RESPECTIVE OWINERS. SOCIALCASTSOCIALCAST SOCIALCA SOCIALCAST IALCAST SOCIALCAST SOURCES: CIALCASTCIALCAST SOCIAL secA OCIALC OCIALCAST SOCIALCAST CAST SOCIALCASTOALCAST SOCIALCAST SOCIALCAST OCIALCA SOCIALCAST SOCIALCAST SOCIALCAST SOCIALCAST LCASTOCIALCAST SOCIALCASToCIALCAST SOCIALCASTOCIALCAST SOCIALCAST SOCIA CAST SOCIALCAST SOCIALCAST SOCIALCAST SO oCIALCAST soCIALCA SOCIALCAST SOCIALCAST LASOLIAL cOCIALCAST YEARS OF EXPERIENCE:

Social Media Manager

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Social media managers weren’t even around less than ten years ago, now they are a vital part of a company or brand’s marketing campaigns and strategies. This infographic looks at the hectic schedu...


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