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The Social Media Lifecycle

THE SOCIAL MEDIA LIFECYCLE PRESENTED BY UBERVU WHERE IS YOUR BRAND? Social media provides valuable data for your business, along with a medium for conversation. These tools enable you to spot trends, opportunities and get insights, enabling you to act one some of those insights by participating in conversations that are going on and increasing your ROI. ENGAGE MONITOR ANALYZE COLLABORATE INTEGRATE TRACK SOCIAL MEDIA IN REAL TIME MONITORING FACEBOOK v TWITTER USERS 100m 300m 500m 800m 1.3m 6m 105m 225m 2008 2009 2010 2011 CONVERSATION FEEDBACK 42% of social media users had a 36% of social media users post conversation with a brand via brand related information on 82% of corporations expect to have a brand monitoring solution in place this year SM SM 1,000,000,000+ FACEBOOK POSTS PER DAY 2 in 3 74% of people who purchase en- tertainment products discuss social media users say Twitter influences purchases them on social networks FILTER KEY DATA GAIN INSIGHTS ANALYTICS MARKETERS MEASURE VARIOUS METRICS TO GAIN INSIGHTS INTO OPPORTUNITIES AUG 2010 AUG 2011 TOP 3 METRICS 47.6% 52.2% 34.7% 34.9% 24.0% 34.1% TRAFFIC VOLUME REPEAT VISITS # OF FOLLOWERS OTHER METRICS 15.7% 20.5%: 17.9% 13.3% - 53.0%: WEB MENTIONS SALES LEVELS ENGAGEMENT VIA BRAND SENTIMENT FACEBOOK & TWITTER BRAND EXAMPLE 7 in 10 LOVE A380 Publicis implemented through the 'Love A380' campaign for client Airbus, driving measurable sales of the world's most expensive civil aircraft marketing professionals either have very little to no understanding about relevant strategy, social media conversations around their brand or clients' brands ENGAGE CRITICAL FANS ACHIEVE BUSINESS GOALS ENGAGEMENT FANS OF THE TOP 10 BRANDS ON FACEBOOK WOULD RANK 5th IN WORLD POPULATION 236M 237M 312M 1.2B 1.3B FACEBOOK INDONESIA USA INDIA CHINA 3rd 2nd 1st FANS 10 %238 #7 #6 #5 #4 #3 #2 #1 ITUNES RED BULL PLAYSTATION BRAND DEMOGRAPHICS MARKETING EXAMPLES KLM of people follow brands in social media +75% of companies now use Twitter as a marketing channel runs 24/7 Customer Service on Twitter & Facebook 100K Coca-Cola 30% of Twitter users have an 60% employees can participate in social media after obtaining Social Media Certification of employees would like to receive help from employers to share relevant content annual household income of >$100,000 REPORT ON KPIS TRACK YOUR GOALS INTEGRATE 40% OF COMPANIES ADMIT TO HAVING NO TRAINING OR GOVERNANCE OF SOCIAL MEDIA 178 AD DDDDDBDDDDUUD AVERAGE SOCIAL MEDIA ACCOUNTS OWNED BY ENTERPRISE-CLASS CORPORATIONS BRAND EXAMPLES CISCO. Adobe assembled a Social Media Center of Cisco consolidates social media resources in a self-serve intranet portal so any employee Excellence, to boost knowledge about sharing, standard metrics, and policies can learn about social media DOWNLOAD THE "FOUR PILLARS OF SOCIAL MEDIA SUCCESS" LEARN HOW YOU COULD BE LEVERAGING THE 4 PILLARS OF SOCIAL MEDIA FOR OUTSTANDING BUSINESS RESULTS! www.UBER com sources: | | -OMFT BRAND SKITTLES CONVERSE CONVERSE ALL-STAR OREO STARBUCKS DISNEY COCA COLA

The Social Media Lifecycle

shared by ubervu on Jan 19
The search for the elusive social media ROI will be getting even more aggressive in 2012. But after quite a few years of working with social media, why aren’t we getting any closer? Is there no such...



Social Media
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