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Social Media Influence on Businesses

HOWSOCIALMEDIA INFLUENCE BUSINESSES in You Tube Y! Social media has become an important part of business and marketing plans. Both social media users and online consumers are using social media more frequently before making the purchase decisions. Check out Somemto's latest infographic "How Social Media Influence Businesses" to have better understanding of the social media impact on your business and on your marketing campaigns. STATITICS 85% of internet users have Facebook 27% accounts of total online time is spent on social networking 84% online shoppers use social media sites 49% have Twitter accounts. in in Social media produces almost double the marketing leads when compared to trade shows, telemarketing, direct mail, and PPC. Social media lead conversion rates are higher than the You 149% Tube average lead conversion rate. More than 50% 60% 64% of marketers of online consumers of LinkedIn users believe that social media follow or give feedback to brands on social media sites. are outside the US. has helped them improve sales. ッ ゾ Twitter's fastest growing age demographic is 55 to 64 year olds rise in active engagement across all social platforms with Twitter the fastest growing Google+ remains the number g+ 2% 359 million in social platform in the world with digg 8* monthly active users Mobile is playing a massive role in driving real-time active usage of social platforms in all markets AVERAGE NUMBER OF CONNECTIONS PER USER Social Media Site f 141.5 208 Facebook Twitter Average connection PERCENTAGE OF MARKETERS WHO FOUND CUSTOMERS VIA SOCIAL NETWORKING SITES IN 2013 Social Media Site 52% 43% Facebook 36% Linkedin Twitter in PERCENTAGE OF COMPANIES (LISTED BY INDUSTRY) THAT ACQUIRED ČUSTOMERS FROM SÓCIAL MEDIA SITES Facebook Linkedin Twitter Retail/Wholesale/Consumer Goods- 73% 19% 40% -Technology (hardware)- 45% 44% 50% -Marketing Agency. 45% 58% 35% Industry Professional Services/ Consulting 43% 56% 30% -Technology (software) 39% 50% 40% -Banking/Insurance/Financial Services- 33% 38% 28% B2B 91% STATISTICS B2B marketers use social media as a content marketing tool 64% 57% B2B companies are currently investigating social media marketing companies have acquired a customer via a blog 74% 52% @ f companies have acquired a consumers rely on social networks to guide purchasing decisions customer via Facebook 62% 44% in companies have acquired companies have acquired a customer via Twitter a customer via LinkedIn WHAT CAN somemto" PROVIDE? TM 360 degree view of your customer Popularity and trend analysis Competitiveness Real-time customer feedback Cutting-edge reports to pinpoint gaps in service More efficient decision-making process Optimized processes with advanced customized reports SOCIAL MEDIA USAGE PER LANDSCAPE Facebook Youtube Instagram Turkey 95% 83% 83% Belgium 93% 80% 31% France 78% 77% 77% Ireland 100% 91% 60% Portugal 99% 85% 86% Spain 90% 73% 71% UK 89% 91% 63% Switzerland 87% 74% 74% Germany 78% 65% 63% Italy 95% 74% 74% Australia 79% 67% 67% Denmark 91% 76% 76% Poland 93% 84% 45% Sweden 92% 83% 83% Norway 93% 79% 79% Finland 93% 88% 88% Statitistics Sources:,, Nielsen ve PewResearch Center etiya PRODUCT OF SOLUTION & VALUE

Social Media Influence on Businesses

shared by mohitlakhmani on Nov 11
This infographic is made to show how social media is influencing businesses, also pointed out how much time people spent time on social media and online shopping. Social media conversion rates got inc...


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