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Social Media High School

SOCIAL MEDIA HIGH SCHOOL YEARBOOK 2011 CLASS 2011 of What if social media were a highschool? TWITTER Cluhs: President of Gossip Girl Celebrity Awaranes Club, Homepige Queen GOOGLE Glubs: Future hvskors of Aerica, Yacht Ciub. Intemational Bilionaires Clb FROM THE JOCKS TO THE GEEKS, EVEN THE VAST WORLD OF SOCIAL MEDIA COMES WITH ITS OWN STEREOTYPES AND TEENAGE ANGST. Qnte: Everyone iN antithd to my opinion Rgre: "Money makes the world go round -@madonna -Liza Minnelli THE NERD as You Tube BAND NAME FACEBOOK WIKIPEDIA LAST.FM Clube Varsity Foobal. Varsity Angel Funding. Homepagé King Clubs. Scerce Cluo, Math Club, History Club. Computer Club, Star Trek Cub, 10 Abrve 180 Cub Cluke Band Pap Clut, Batte of the Garage Bands Founder YOUTUBE Clubs: AN Club, President of the 10 Minute Movie Clo, Taiking Cals Video Cluti Quote: Veni, Vidi Vici." -Some talan Dude Pyote: Hatter knoN nothing then half know many thigg. -Friecrich Kietzsiche Sote 'Il it's ilagal to rock and roll, throw my ss in jall" n Qote: Peasa folov ink for vidao quale: Kurt Cobein THE WANNABE ANARCHIST my B MY FLICKR REDDIT MYSPACE WIKILEAKS Cluhs etCub. Photogrophy Cb. Creative Cominons Club, Hipster Cub Clubs: Edor of School Newsprper Rock the Vole Dub Clube Former Member of Clubr Lenin Love Chio, Band Club, Pholography Freedom of Information Club Youth Anarchists League Cub. Pep Club Qyote: "Look I'm not an inte kectual - I ust taka pictures." Helmut Newton Raure: "I can't prove t, but I can Say it." Qyote The only thing wora tan being taked about is not being taked about." -Oscar Wide Qyote "I leol your soom and I accapf it. Slephen Colbert -Jon Stewart in ISA THE YELP ORKUT LIVE JOURNAL Clubr Evaneaconce Fan Club LINKEDIN Clubs: Prosident of the Debate Chu, Qulinary Club, Future Betler Business Bureau Club Clubs: ESL Club, Foreigners in a Foreign Land Cib Glubs: Class President, President of the 2010 Alunni Clut Quote: "There has nEver been a statue erectod to honor a crilic. o そこ に 行く あなた は 関 係 なく 、 覚え て おい て ください 。 Qyote: Thurt imysall, soI can feel alve. Rve: "'s not wat you knowbut who you know that makas Ihe difference -Bill Kaulitz -/g /glar -FLT Aronymous foursquare QUORA TUMBLR FOURSQUARE WORDPRESS Clube 0SA Club, Clubs: Photoshop Cub Shiny Cbjects Lovers Clko Clubs: Mayor's Concl, Frequent Diner's Club Glubs: Creatve Writing Cb How To Write and Sell a Novel On The Intemet in Ten Darys Club Knowiede Sekers Linited Ruote: He who asks a cuestion is a fool for five minutes: he who does not ask remains a fool forever." -Chinase Provert Raote: "I 3ometimes wony about my short attontion spen, but not for long -Herb Coen Qyote: "The shortest distanoe between two points is oftan unbearable. -Charles Bukowski Rve: l you can't annoy somsbody. there's little polnt in virning. Kingsley Amis THE EX- TME SU digg .MAYBE LATER STUMBLEUPON DIGG FORMSPRING.ME INSTAGR.AM Clubs: Content DisCOvery Team, Jack of al Trades ClLb Time-waslers Anrymaus Clubs: How To Win Friends Back And Intluance People Agair Club Clubs: Askers Anonymous Teens For The Ethical Treatment of Ansuers Glubs: The Ministry of Pretentius Pholographers, The Vanily Club, y Life Rulos Club Quote: "Ihao not told half of what I saw." Duute: 'There are three faithlul friands: an old wile, an okd dog, and ready money Benjamin Franklin Qyote: "Never hositato to ask a lasser pe e Quote: "There ara no nuies for good photographs, there äre orily gočd photographe." - Arsel Adams James Joyoe uUSJad sse Confucis Flowtown. SOSSIP SIR THE FOCK THE PREP BAND BEEK THE ART KID AW NERO THE REPORTER THE DEBATER EXCHANGE STUDENT THE GOTH TEACHER'S PET COMPULSIVE DOCUMENTER CLASS PRESIDENT THE PAPER BAS LUNCH RID PROCRASTINATOR THE ENGLISH GEEK BEST FRIEND THE BUSYBOOY EXBITIONIST

Social Media High School

shared by Angel on Mar 27
If your high school consisted of avatar versions of Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Wikileaks and Flickr, you’d have some intense gossip going around. Well, Flowtown’s new Social Media Class of 2011 post...




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Social Media
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